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Tony HellerPLUS



Humans Controlling The Climate

  - 5:43

Humans have become very adept at controlling the climate inside their house. Democrats are hoping to take away that ability.






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November 3rd 2020  

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- 3 months ago They just found out arctic sea ice is 50cm thicker than the satellite was telling them. Oops!


- 3 months ago  

Are we there yet?


- 3 months ago  

They are trying to take down Trump with phony mail in ballots. I am so upset that Biden and Harris seem to win. Trump was our hope, a light in the darkness. So what now? Soon no gas, no oil, no coal. This means they cannot make fiber glass/polyesther for windturbines. They need 3000 tonnes concrete and need 200 tonnes of coal (for making steel) for every windturbine...and so it is with almost every material in our modern lives. They have lost their minds!!! And no solarpanels in the world can make energi at all! It takes more energi to produce and install solarpanels than they can make in 25 years! It does not make sense!!! We cannot build houses, almost nothing, without fossil fuels, and yet they will take down all houses and rebuild them (Green New Deal)!


- 3 months ago  

Thank you so much, Tony, for your work. It really scares me how so many people don't realize how backwards or impractical their vision of the future is, but their always so deeply convinced of their visions of fear that they simply ignore all counter arguments. Unfortunately, I'm not a trained scientist, I train myself privately, so it really helps to learn from scientists like you, and from logicians like the man who maintains the fallacy files. The truth helps me keep myself sane, while it hurts inside that even dear friends are depressed because they listen to Michael Mann and Greta and their German equivalents. Thanks again, Tony!