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Tony HellerPLUS



The American Pandemic

  - 3:29

The US government is completely incompetent - on both sides of the political aisle.






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October 17th 2021  

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- 3 months ago  

The absolute metric is excess deaths from natural causes, and median age of death. It is not a worrisome disease if it does not change the expectation mortality rate or lower life expectancy. In fact, can it be called other than a co-morbidity at the time of death in the vast number of deaths. Secondly, ambulatory out-patient treatment of COVID 19 has been advanced, oral corticosteroids, vitamin D, often an antibiotic with incidental anti-inflammatory properties to 'reduce' secondary infection (like azithromycin or any type of tetracycline), perhaps invermectin, or monoclonal antibodies and respiratory hygiene and pulmonary exercise. Needless to say, fit, healthy and young are rarely severely symptomatic unlike the 1916 Spanish flu.

Dan Bullard presents

- 3 months ago  

We have been following Sailing Ran on YouTube for several years. During the plandemic they retreated back to Sweden where they bought a new sailboat and toured Sweden until just recently. The whole time the three of them have visited friends and family, sailed all over Sweden and got work done on their boat from various Swedish workmen. Not once sniffle the whole time.


- 3 months ago  

Time to forget about leaders Tony...they're all corrupt.


- 3 months ago  

Herd immunity had to have been reached by now. That is amply demonstrated by the only ones getting sick are the vaccinated because their immune systems are shot by the shot. Is that why they call it a shot? Here in Tucson even the vaxxed are told by the local grocery store to wear a mask. I guess realizing the implication of that mandate - that the vaccinations are ineffective - escapes the general population. Or genpop as we say in the prison biz.

Cloudman Films

- 3 months ago  

..forgot one thing...that sweden did not lock down was due to our legislation and not by choice, even if our mr faucci pretended it was by in peacetime government could not do what most others that been to war could....

Cloudman Films

- 3 months ago  

About sweden, we have the same cases positive today each day as one year ago when nobody was vaccinated. And now about 7 million out of 10 million(tot pop) are vaccinated and 1 million had covid. So 80% should have pretty good resistance against covid if vax works. and click away unwanted curves on bottom. The second from left "fall idag" tells each days positive tested, and a 7 day average as well. The next weeks to come will tell if we follow last falls or not in the rise of cases.


- 3 months ago