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Obama Says He Will Control Your Thermostat

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Originally uploaded to by JS1441 Obama Says He Will Control Your Air Conditioning






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November 20th 2021  

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- 2 weeks ago  

CO2 is plant food, not poison, nor greenhouse gas. Calling CO2 a greenhouse gas because of correlation with increased historic temperature is not causation. Regardless, Zeller-Nikolov found that all the planets in our solar system react with the same rate of increase in temperature as earth, based on the density of their atmospheres. Whether their atmosphere is composed of methane, pure CO2, nitrogen, or whatever else. Temperature change depends on the amount of atmosphere, not the components. Our solar system meanders within our galaxy inside of electro-magnetic tubes, where the boundary is a field composed of fairly dense layer of very high energy particles. Only source of outside heat on Earth is not our sun, its also these galactic fibers. Since all planets in our solar system proportionally (based on atmospheric density rather than solely distance from our sun) and simultaneously increase and decrease in temperature, some % of additional heat is coming from something in space itself, and varies with our position in space. Grand solar minimum and Milankovitch cycles say we are entering cooling period if not ice age. And interesting that BO did not mention that China uses 1.65 times the amount of energy that US does...


- 2 weeks ago  

To hell we can’t live as best as we can due to our hard work, technological knowledge and desire to sustain this life. Yes we can’t tell the rest of the world to not live like us and we don’t. The rest of the world to their credit are becoming more civilized like us and building infrastructure to utilize coal, oil and gas for energy. It’s crazy for them not to do this, like it would be crazy for America to stop using coal, oil and gas. Obama is a fool, thanks Mr. Heller for this short video making this so clear to me!