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Tony HellerPLUS



Climate Fakery Part 17

  - 7:00

A few more examples of the press and politicians creating completely fake weather stories in order to panic the public into giving up their supply of reliable, affordable energy.






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Uploaded half a year ago  

July 27th 2023  

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Dragon Slayer Intel

- half a year ago  

Directed Energy Weapons, DEWs If TPTB burn the forest, or boil a City, with their weapons, like bringing fire down from above as it is written. We or many of us see the truth and we are not fooled. Besides I had many a nice cool days here. As I have had all summer, 60F to a high at evening sunset of 87F. Nice weather ! WE WILL NOT COMPLY !


- half a year ago  

In Denmark we had a minor drought in the first part of the summer. And now at harvest time we have showers almost every day. It looks like we have got a climate change that gives us the same weather for a longer period than earlier. Yeah, it is called stability.


- half a year ago  

BREAKING NEWS: Summer is hot. That is all.


- half a year ago  

Probability of Future Climatically Significant Volcanic Eruptions. These are the climate changers...


- half a year ago  

Great content revealing the moron narrative hoax.


- half a year ago  

Key word "desperate" or they are trying so hard how it is comical, not so much for the stupid faithful but yet again!


- half a year ago  

What’s all the Climate Hysteria about? I recommend we move the UN from NYC to Antarctic, to let them enjoy all this global warming nonsense that clearly isn’t burning the planet up. The UN climate scamsters would scream it’s bloody cold here in the Antarctic and stop their lying about the climate heating due to fossil fuels and instead embrace deriving fuels and food from the land again, Mother Earth. Great video Tony Heller.

Pandoras Box

- half a year ago  

That is a good idea can we send the WHO with them They all would have such fun living at the south pole


- half a year ago  

The UN is determined to force dictatorial global government on us all. Without the 'climate crisis', their case collapses completely, hence the aggressive alarmist propaganda and sponsoring of junk science with billions in grants. Meanwhile, impoverished one man bands of retired academics or scientists and engineers from other disciplines are able to demolish their multi-billion dollar investment with facts, truth and sound science.