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Alterations To The US Temperature Record (Part 3)

  - 12:05

Originally uploaded to by Tony Heller This is the last part of a series showing how the US temperature record is being altered by government agencies to turn long term cooling into warming.






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Uploaded 4 years ago  

October 20th 2020  

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- 4 years ago  

Appreciate your work. I am someone who has vested interest in climate change being a reality because my work is to evaluate the impact of sea level rise on coastal towns and cities. In Australia i can also see that there is 'cherry picking' of data... for example, temperature is compared to baseline period of 1960s and 1970s (cool period) and the much warmer period in 1920s to 1940s ignored. However, i struggle with the idea that people are committing deliberate fraud in altering temperature records, but rather i suspect that their 'sin' is a bias towards fulfilling the climate change narrative. I have seen responses that explain why temperature records need to be adjusted that make sense and that the process is transparent. My concern is why is that it appears the records are mostly altered downwards in earlier part of the century? In summary.... is it too strong to say this is deliberate fraud, and thus the arguments presented here are open to be discounted as conspiracy theories?


- 4 years ago  

Hi Tony, thank you for yor work. Do you have similar data for Europe? Is the same data modification done here in the EU?


- 4 years ago  

You can bet they're doing this in Great Britain. They're the purveyors of all this bs.


- 4 years ago  

The Father of Lies is raising his children well. The flaw in the claims by climate alarmists is that they state that there has ALREADY been an increase in temperatures but contrary to their predictions there have been ZERO negative consequences. Oh, they claim this is the worst fire season in CA and that is due to warming but that is NOT the case in either the claim OR the cause.


- 4 years ago  

They have the power to alter the weather records, rig national elections and cow the worlds population to their there still hope to end this madness🙏


- 4 years ago  

Thank you Tony.