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1970s Mainstream Media Ice Age Fearmongering

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“Warm periods like ours last only 10,000 years, but ours has already lasted 12,000. So if the rhythm is right, we are over-ready for a return of the ice,” Smith said in his comment on the January 18, 1977, ABC evening newscast.






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April 15th 2022  

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- a month ago  

Tony it is getting harder to follow you. I try sending you link and it is blocked. Mind you even my own emails are getting blocked at times. To me the Bad guys are winning... America needs to wake up to what YOUR PRIVATE COMPANIES ARE DOING. Non American countries are being Censored. What gives them the RIGHT! I can see this ending well for America.. People naturally don't conform. American Companies are trying to force that issue. America fought for independence, I'm now wondering what that achieved? Better or worse? Americans should not be surprised at a real back lash.. When you have the Seven Dwarfs running the joint. Sleepy Joe. The Chinese have now taken over the Solomon Islands in the Pacific. Just 2000 klms 1250 miles from Australia. In line with New Guinea. Missile range of Australia.. It's O.K the American Private press can keep you safe. America is Stron ZZZZZZZZZZ! Sorry afternoon Nap!


- a month ago  

The Ice Age has only been extant since the Noahic flood, about 4400 years.


- a month ago  

The “Ice Age” happened that is a fact no one refutes! A massive glacier extending from the current Hudson River was a mile high on top of the current Manhattan NYC less than 25,000 years ago. Alfred Gore Jr predicted the poles would be ice free due to global warming in our lifetime or as early as 2014. Not going to happen but Gore made millions selling his media company to Middle East Sheik billionaires. Why? America due to Gore followers shut down coal, oil and gas produced by red states of America and these same Middle East Sheik billionaires have no competition to worry about from these red states of America.


- a month ago  

Old Florida man here. There was a hard freeze in early 1900 something that froze the orange groves near Jacksonville, Florida. There have been no orange groves there in my lifetime. In the 1970's and 80's, citrus growers consensus was that any groves North of I-4 were unstustainable due to freezes, even though much of Florida had groves prior to that time. The officially promoted global climate change lunacy is totally obvious to anyone having honest eyes and ears.


- a month ago  

I grew up in the 70s and it was cold. There were articles and TV programs discussing the coming ice age. It was a real concern. This modern dismissal that it wad “one or two” articles is nonsense. The reality of the super warm 30s (dust bowl), very cold 70s, and moderate current temperatures simply don’t fit the fake temperature narrative they are pushing.


- a month ago  



- a month ago  

I watched the transistion from Ice age to global cooling to global warming to climate change, since nothing they predicted ever came true. Just a cursory examination shows the BS


- a month ago  

Yes, they have cynically changed the name from global warming to climate change without actually ever admitting the climate has not been warming for at least the past 5 to 10 years and in fact cooling from what I have seen, the cenacle part being that nobody can deny that the climate changes but still having the term associated with global warming.


- a month ago  

Bad boomers.!

Truth Seeker

- a month ago  

I remember this and several other reports of the coming Ice Age. I was in my early 20's and took this very seriously at the time. Did some research to better understand what was happening and what data was available that lead to this scare. It is now easy to see the lies we are being told. Sad that people today just believe it and do not look for the real data or question the 50+ years of failed predictions.