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Tony HellerPLUS



"This is a climate emergency"

  - 4:36

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” ― George Orwell






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May 21st 2022  

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Category: Politics



- 3 weeks ago  

United Nations "sustainable development" is about creating scarcity of various resources. Any significant reduction in atmospheric CO2 would increase scarcity by de-greening the planet. Tyrants have always controlled people through scarcity. It's not about saving the planet. Humans are part of nature.


- a month ago  

The Globalist criminal, mass-murdering cabal, must be stopped! We have many brilliant people who know the laws, and know how to organize! There must be honest, moral people with integrity in our military, police etc., in all countries, who can organize WITH the people, to arrest the politicians, THE MEDIA, the corrupt, mass-murdering puppets in the "health" system, who are KNOWINGLY following a HOAX narrative which is killing thousands of innocent people, and injuring hundreds of thousands more, which will lead to their deaths! This is PROVEN by documented evidence from expert scientists, doctors and nurses from around the world who haven't been paid-off or threatened by Fauci and his minions! Fauci, Gates and their cabal are already responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, sterilizations, paralysis and more from their criminal past!


- a month ago  

Have a look at this article, which basically claims that natural gas power plants are sitting idle for 90% or more of the time just waiting to support renewable power when it fails while claiming that the electrical grid is actually being supplied by power from renewable sources for 90% of the time, which certainly seems like a ridiculous claim to me looking at the graph presented in this video.

Deplorable Neanderthal

- a month ago  

Indeed. Show me a low-income household (even in the wealthy U.S.) which could afford an electric vehicle, a rooftop solar array large enough to charge batteries sufficient to power an electric range and water heater, or a wind-driven generator to augment the solar. No? I didn't think so. Now let's turn our attention to South America or Africa to check the affordability index there. Oh, I get it. Problem solved with $Moneypox vaccines, right? Fewer people = lower reliance and only the wealthy remaining to be able to afford those luxuries. Right.


- a month ago  

Albo Sleazy got elected in Australia and he is another climate clown!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬


- a month ago  

I've heard climate change be blamed for the influx of ticks northward through New England. No mention of the research done on them as disease vectors in the government lab on Plum Island back in the 50s & 60s, except to "debunk" it as a "crazy conspiracy theory". Would love your insight into that one Tony!!!


- a month ago  

I like the graph that Randall Carlson likes to show of the holocene temperature record, then zooms out to show the past 200K years. Once thing that is indisputable: Humans can not stop the climate from changing. We can stop our contributions to atmospheric CO2, which may or may not have any effect on future climate, but it will absolutely change, sometimes catastrophically, no matter what we do. We need to be more immediately concerned about how we are poisoning the environment with stuff like PFOS, pesticides, and lab constructed pathogens.


- a month ago  

They lie and say the oceans is getting warmer and warmer. That is impossible, it would take 1000 times as much energy to heat the oceans than to heat the atmosphere...They lie and say the pollen season is getting longer and worse. I have been allergic to grass pollen more than 50 years. The season starts June 1. and ends August 1. as allways.


- a month ago  

The elites are liars and criminals.

Al Gore

- a month ago  

The Arctic will be ice free by 2014 due to the effects of climate change.


- a month ago  


Brendan Ward

- a month ago  

Nature can not be fooled, but unfortunately people can be.


- a month ago  

And when you refuse that final command, they bring out the fear machine to bring you into line. Room 101. Not the fear of climate change which can be easily ignored and disproven. No, it is the personal fear of losing jobs, limiting the food supply and other products, or simply locking you up. Climate deniers, as we are labeled, have also been threatened with death.


- a month ago  

What? Snow i Wyoming in May? I'm not moving there!