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Tony HellerPLUS



Circular Climate Logic

  - 5:30

Climate alarmists make models based on their belief system, and then claim the models confirm their belief system. This is like a dog chasing its tail.






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November 11th 2022  

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- 3 weeks ago  

Watched UTube channel “What the Ship!” recently talking about the G7 and G20 upcoming meeting where they plan to discuss forcing Russia to be forced to sell their shipped oil at a below market value. ————- G7 or G20 are to discuss a price cap on Russian oil? The G7 and G20 countries plan to implement it if Russia doesn’t adhere to it by NOT insuring any Russian oil shipments. Only imperialist nations would weaponize “shipping insurance” after one or more of the G7 or G20 member countries intentionally blew up the Nord Stream pipeline between Russia and Germany. ————- I speculate that China’s zero covid policy is a smoke screen for what they really are planning. China is decoupling their economy from America and the West. China knows if the Kremlin is toppled and replaced with a Western leaning group of Russian imperialist billionaires, that curiously have recently been amassed in Poland, they are next on the chopping block. ————- With King Coal effectively killed off in America by the cult of Obama and his blue city dems, I further conjecture that our globalist American oil and natural gas billionaires and their Wall Street bank backers will be finally in control of the worldwide energy market or at least the West’s oil and natural gas energy market. ————- How was Japan forced to attack America December 7, 1941? Because FDR banned oil imports to Japan. Japan had Westernized their military by the 1930’s and all modern militaries run on oil, diesel and gas or fossil fuels use. Without oil Japan’s war effort since the 1930’s in Manchuria China would come to a screeching halt. So Japan needed oil for its war efforts in China desperately and if FDR’s America were no longer to sell it to Japan, then Japan would take it from Indonesia and anywhere in the orient. The only thing stopping them was MacArther in the Philippines. ————- So Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and most importantly the Americans in the Philippines December 7, 1941, kicking out Douglas MacArther from the Philippines March 11, 1942. ———— Right before my mom died she had a frightful dream about WW3. She dreamt she was again a little girl in central Pennsylvania near Penn State. There was a terrific battle going on with artillery barrages between both warring parties. Right before she awoke from this frightful dream she saw the faces of the advancing hoards and they were all Chinese. ————- I still remember sitting in the kitchen early one 1990’s morning watching and listening to my mother, who truly seemed visibly shaken, by this dream. She was born in central PA on a hilltop home with no electricity, running water and only an outhouse and well outside in 1917. She was the second of 6 kids, 4 brothers and 1 sister. Why indeed had she dreamt such a bone chilling dream about WW3? I think I was as surprised as she was. Odd for me to even remember this event decades ago. So much is odd today.

Truth Sleuth

- a month ago  

No *wonder* I was so comfortable when I was a youngster back in the day. I reckon our family lived in those NOAA-temperature-adjusted areas, hahahaha! Actually, I remember having to turn my pillow over multiple times through the night to get a cooler temperature surface for my face. I was so happy when our family moved to a house with a basement to sleep in. Bsmts in CO were considerably cooler than any upstairs bdrms. Nowadays, I live in an A/C-cooled home which is suddenly far more expensive to run than before FJB was "elected" president and then canceled all drilling and NatGas production. Our higher electricity costs are now due to having to import NG.