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Raw video of *huge* tornado in Colorado

  - 1:35

Originally uploaded to by Mike P. Raw video here of the tornado that hit this morning (5/22/08). No voice over in the clip (cool) so you can just watch and listen to it. Props go out to 9News (KUSA, Denver) Photo Journalist Gary Wolfe for getting out of his vehicle to get this amazing video. Reports are that he got pelted by massive hail and the windshield of their vehicle was shattered. Also note that as of 5/23/2008 the NWS is not ready to categorize this "Windsor" Colorado twister. ** Here's and update -- clipped from KUSA Denver ** KUSA - The final report on the strength of the Windsor tornado was released Monday by the National Weather Service. The devastating tornado sliced through northern Colorado on May 22, left one person dead and many people homeless. The storm known as the "Windsor Tornado" had a path 34 miles long. The damage path was one mile wide in some locations. After studying the damage the National Weather Service estimates the storm had 130 to 150 mph winds. This rating would place the tornado at a high EF2 to a medium EF3 on the new Enhanced Fujita Scale. The tornado's peak winds of 150 mph will be used to classify the storm so it will go into the records as an EF3. The Enhanced Fujita Scale is now used by the National Weather Service to determine storm strength. Researchers found that the original Fujita Scale overestimated tornadic winds.






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Imagine how big that would be if "climate change" were real. ;-)