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Inside Australia's Covid internment camp

  - 20:14

Originally uploaded to by UnHerd Listen to the podcast version: Read the full article here: Hayley Hodgson, 26, moved to Darwin from Melbourne to escape the never-ending lockdowns — only to find herself locked up in a Covid Internment Camp without even having the virus. She’s just returned from a 14-day detention at Howard Springs, the 2000-capacity Covid camp outside Darwin to which regional Covid cases are transported by the authorities. In an exclusive interview with Freddie Sayers, she recounted her experiences. // Timecodes // 00:00 - 01:53 - Introduction 01:53 - 05:38 - How did Hayley end up in Howard Springs, Australia’s COVID camp? 05:38 - 07:18 - “Get in the COVID cab or get a $5,000 fine” 07:18 - 09:54 - Hayley arrives at Howard Springs 09:54 - 12:31 - Australia’s COVID camps threaten Hayley with a fine 12:31 - 13:04 - Hayley is offered Valium for the distress caused by the camp 13:04 - 14:45 - Hayley has lost her job because of her stay at Howard Springs 14:45 - 16:29 - What is happening to Australia? 16:29 - 18:31 - What’s next for Hayley after her stay at the COVID camp? 18:31 - 19:33 - Escape from Victoria: Inmates flee Howard Springs 19:33 - 20:16 - Concluding thoughts #Australia #Covid19 #Omicron






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December 2nd 2021  

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- a year ago  

"We where just following orders!" yeah thats a good excuse that has worked before. lol


- a year ago  

This is insanity, and I cannot believe people actually allow it! Armed revolt would seem to be the only answer!


- a year ago  

Thanks Tony, Heres Some new info Doctor Pablo Campra, studied the vaccines for the presence of graphene oxide. Using micro-ram spectrocopy. Which studies the frequencies. There are two of the frequency bands that are most important. They show that it is not graphene oxide but rather graphene hydroxide. It is a mono layer activated carbon. There are C6 rings found in all samples. Every corner is a carbon atom that is on a nano scale. If it is 50nm long there are 500 rings in a row. These are hydroxy groups. In graphene oxide you have double bonded oxygen. In graphene hydroxide you have an OH group. with which, electrons are delocalized, making them fully mobile. Now the piece may be 50nm long, But it will only be 0.1 nm thin and sharp just like a razor blade. These C6 structures are extremely stable; you could make brake pads out of this. Another bad attribute, its not biologically decomposable. It doesn't naturally dissolve. These nanoscale structures can best be described as razor blades. These razor blades are injected into the body. If it hits a vein. You will be cut up from the inside. These OH groups are wide, tall and very thin. One atom thick. These OH groups can split off of a proton. When the proton is split off, they gain a negative charge spread out over its whole system. It suspends well in water because of the negative charge. These razor blades are spread homogeneously in the liquid. Our blood vessels wall is lined by an exceedingly thin single sheet of endothelial cells, the endothelium, separated from the surrounding outer layers by a basal lamina. The endothelial cell liners are also extremely smooth which helps the blood to flow smoother. Imagine a 5 gallon bucket of water that has 5 million tiny razor blades mixed in it. That you pump through a 20 ft garden hose. Can you imagine the damage? That is another reason the vaccines are so dangerous. Toxicologists can't imagine there are structures that can cut up blood vessels from the inside out. When the toxicologists do their testing. They do them in petri dishes. Where the sample is motionless. Similar to having a razor blade just sitting on the table, nothing gets cut. Exactly like the toxicologists test. With their sample sitting there motionless in the petri dish. These structures have to be in motion to do damage. Like flowing through blood. If you do an autopsy on any of the victims you will not find anything. These are the sharpest imaginable structures because of how thin they are. These are huge molecules that are super thin which makes them very sharp. People are bleeding to death from the inside out. Especially the top athletes due to their fast flowing blood. The Doctor that discovered this did his doctoral thesis on turning graphene oxide into graphene hydroxide. He was hired directly from school for a very high position, placed in charge of new activated carbon products across all of Europe. We know if a chemist were to inject this stuff into somebody's blood they would be considered a murderer. This is a new material that toxicologists are not aware of yet.


- a year ago  

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- a year ago  

Tony Heller: "Whose Side Is This Guy On?': GOP Senator Explains Why He Thinks John Kerry Must 'Retire Or Resign"


- a year ago  

wonder if the ozzies would like to buy some guns?

Barry Eames

- a year ago  

This is a frightening development! It has echoes of the tactics employed by Nazi Germany to silence opposition. The only good thing is that Hailey was ultimately released, not executed!

My Brighteon Channel

- a year ago  

Coming to America. They've been constructing these since BEFORE the plandemic. Let that sink in...


- a year ago  

NT, that explains it, the Premier of that state is a Covid bible bashing fruitcake on steroids.


- a year ago  

Tourism Australia: We tried to get you to get off your ass and come here by saving the reef with a video. Now we are just going to keep the peasant(s) in lockdown and you can sit in your AirBNB enjoying the white everything! When we let you out, make sure you are fine with crazy.

lobuxracer - I understand stralia more than most.


- a year ago  

That's why I love my RIGHT to Keep and Bare Arms.

In addition - The fines are unlawful so again give me as many as you like. People have got plenty and got out of all them. The guys was South Africa - interesting. The officers have no power. No lawful power. Can I just say they let her film them so...they might want this to get out as a threat or disincentive to comply. So it could be social media propaganda too...

RRunning the number plate is illegal! Unbelievable as she has not a committed crime. They broke the law and committed treason. Lying is the worst thing to do. Just be up front and take the fine. Threatening me would not matter. Fine me a million dollars a day and take it all. Sure I might pee in my pants and shake like leaf but they would need to execute me. Simple as that. Take out your side arm and pull the trigger. Jesus is the only way out of this. Either die for Him or die in a camp or of the juice. Make your choice and quickly. Testing is like getting the stab. Never get it.


- a year ago  

Do you live in Australia? If you do not, you don't understand Australian law and can't make any comments about what is or is not legal. Morally, everything I've heard in this video is abominable, but you can't apply American values and American law to what happens in Australia.