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Hiding Australia's Hot Past

  - 5:46

"If the present refuses to get warmer, then the past must become cooler"






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June 9th 2022  

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Category: Politics



- a month ago  

This is as low as a scientist can go : deleting the data that doesn't fit in the agenda. Thanks Tony !


- a month ago  

They also lied about Fort Denison, in Sydney Harbors sea level data, (as we both know) but now we don't hear from them anymore about this climate emergency, since Australia is experiencing record cold, snow and rain in most states of our country, and they would look like total dimwhits if they did.


- a month ago  

What information do you have from the U.K. for places like Oxford. The data they make available going back into the 1800s doesn't seem to have any of the U.S. heat spikes in the 1930s or like what you just showed from Australia.


- a month ago  

I remain mystified as to why your channel is not promoted and shouted from the housetops. Thank you Tony.

My Brighteon Channel

- a month ago  

Tony's YouTube channel demonatized and algorithmically demoted for viewership. Banned from Twitter altogether. You know,...the usual establishment narrative control methods.


- a month ago  

Some people I know simply refuse to accept that they are being lied to by government, experts and other authorities. They can't understand the motives behind such deceptions in a free country. They think that surely people would come forward and challenge the lies. And when someone does- Thank you so much, Tony - they then cannot accept the proof that sets the record straight. It is easier for them to dismiss Tony as a conspiracy nut than understand what is actually happening to their country and the truth. Now it's my turn to not understand. I wish I knew people who still have integrity. But all I see are masked morons waiting for the vaccine to kick in and keep them "safe".


- a month ago  

Forty years of portrayal of scientists and engineers as 'nerds' and 'geeks' has led to a dumbed down and technically pig-ignorant population who are prey to any charlatan who sets themselves up as an expert through the financial support of power-hungry crooks.


- a month ago  

More lies from the professional liars. Just chop the data to suit you. Evil people