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The Pfizer Inoculations For COVID-19 – More Harm Than Good –

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December 29th 2021  

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- 2 weeks ago  

This Just In!!! A judge has ruled that pfizer has 8 months to turn over their study


- 3 weeks ago  

The sad thing is newtube is the only platform of Tonys' I find this on. Not on Odessy, not on SuperU, not on Rumble. Why is that Tony? This should be shown on all tv stations and in every classroom. Not just here on newtube with a minisule audience. Nothing changes if information like this is kept on the fringes. I've sent this to the 5 medical professionals I personally know. All have thanked me and said they were shocked at what it revealed. And all said it seemed well researched and credible.


- 3 weeks ago  



- 3 weeks ago  

What will happen when people all over the world realize what Big Pharma and the politicians have done to their bodies?? Millions will begin to die because of this. Even more millions will experience serious side effects. Absolute horrifying. How many will even get children?


- 3 weeks ago  

There is documented evidence that Pfizer actually lied about the number of vaccinated people that contracted covid-19 during their study. According to Karen Kingston when interviewed by Stew Peters, there were more people who received the mRNA vaccine that developed covid-19 than there were in the placebo group. They concealed this by coaching those that received the mRNA vaccine to alter descriptions in their diaries of adverse events. The number that developed covid-19 in the group that received the vaccine was actually 407 versus 287 in the group that received the placebo. Here is a link to a video of the interview and a transcript of the interview below it:


- 3 weeks ago  

What went WRONG? I have a better question………….what went RIGHT????? I am 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦


- 3 weeks ago  

Thank you, Tony Heller! 💖


- 3 weeks ago  

I pray for justice and as such those involved in this gaming of the system of nota-vaccine injections result in any and all being tried and found guilty. Drug company officials Health officials and doctors who pushed this crap. Politicians Bureaucrats Law enforcement officers Boot licking mainstream media Those employers and such who ignorantly pushed vaccine mandates. With most or many finding their necks stretched by rope. 🖕😡 All of you PO💩


- 3 weeks ago  

Fantastic presentation. Too bad it confirms our worst fears about these "vaccines."


- 3 weeks ago  

Understanding the risk reduction is essential and the description here aided with the diagrams is one of the best descriptions I have seen. It should be on every TV screen instead of the constant propaganda to have vaccines and booster.


- 3 weeks ago  

The media all refer to "the vaccine", however it can not be that all inoculations/vaccines are the same, many use different technologies and must have different effects, both positive and negative. For instance, the first Covid-19 inoculation/vaccine was developed by the 139 year old Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow, do we hear anything about it? No, and it seems likely that it is not being approved for use in Western countries, probably for political reasons; in fact four vaccines/inoculations have been developed in Russia, using two distinct technologies. Another interesting factor is price, AstraZenica offer their product at about 3 USD which is at cost, with no profit for them, whereas Pfizer charge about 20 USD or more. No doubt in years to come we will find out which vaccines/inoculations cause the most long term harm. We must also look more closely at the incredible success that India has achieved fighting Covid-19, mostly using Ivermectin. We must also hold to account those who promoted vaccinating children, that is the biggest disgrace of all.


- 3 weeks ago  

This puts together all the evidence in one location that has been coming out slowly over the last 2 years.


- 3 weeks ago  

Is this safe to share Tony? Do you back this organization up? This is scary stuff, if true.


- 3 weeks ago  

Thank you for continuing your great work Tony!


- 3 weeks ago  

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