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Tony HellerPLUS



Biden's 500 Million Free Tests

  - 3:24

Mass testing to create mass panic.






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Uploaded 2 years ago  

December 23rd 2021  

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- 2 years ago  

I disagree Tony. Everyone in the West should have a box of rapid tests at home. The error here I think i the communication. They should have instructed people to wait 12 hours and take another test in order to mitigate false readings, and to certainly NOT go to the hospital if the first test is positive.


- 2 years ago  

Out of the many billions of taxpayer $'s they apparently can't find any to spend on research to ascertain the level of natural and/or coof recovered in the population. I'd call that incompetence at best, dereliction of duty maybe and criminal negligence for sure. Fauci needs to be called out for his actions and his extraordinary personal wealth for a longtime public employee closely examined ....


- 2 years ago  

I think they want this Covid scam to go on until next years election, so they can use this as an excuse to have millions of mail in ballots. They want to repeat the success.


- 2 years ago  

everyone order tests then dont use them

Dark Corners Of History

- 2 years ago  

According to a journalist named Greg Reese the kits contain sodium azide. NaN3 is a very nasty chemical which can cause poisoning via touch, inhalation or oral ingestion. Link to data sheet here:


- 2 years ago  

They are scaring people into getting vaccinated. They have an agenda and it doesn’t look good for most of us. They believe there are too many people in the world and are trying to fix that.


- 2 years ago  

Creating a pandemic of fear. What a farce...


- 2 years ago  

Ya missed one detail -- Biden FORGOT to sign the contracts for the new test kits....


- 2 years ago  

If I get sent a free test I'm going to put it away unopened. It will be a collector's item someday. That's all it's worth.


- 2 years ago  

lets go Brandon


- 2 years ago  

Home tests have around a 98 to 99.5% specificity. This means about .5 to 2% of all tests given are false positives. (Or higher, due to errors in self administration of the tests) It would make sense for people with positive tests who are yet to have symptoms, to immediately seek care IF they were being prescribed early treatments. Waiting for people to get really sick before treating them is the reason so many people have died from this thing. They need to keep the deaths up in order to scare people into getting the vaccines...


- 2 years ago  

Biden is hard at work, destroyiing America


- 2 years ago  

What we need is 500 million tests for common sense. I’m afraid the positivity rate would be low.


- 2 years ago  

If fear-porn produced orgasms, Biden's approval rating would be the highest in history, instead of the lowest!


- 2 years ago  

Miss, I’m here to give you your COVID test. Where would you like your swab? Gee, I don’t know, my husband isn’t home…