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Sweden - No Lockdowns, No Masks, No Insanity

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Originally uploaded to by Tony Heller "Can someone explain to me how a country of over 10 million people has less than one death per day without the miraculous power of cloth masks?" - James Todaro MD






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October 13th 2020  

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- a year ago  

sweden is the gold standard that all countries need to be compared against it seems that our governments have been lying i wonder why ?


- a year ago  

The CDC has removed its analysis of all of the studies since 1946 to March of 2020 on the effectiveness of face masks in blocking virons. It was here: but as of 12/02/2020 the article is missing. In early May both the CDC and Dr Fauci were claiming, rightly so based on the scientific evidence since 1946, which the CDC summarized in the now missing article, that FACE masks were not effective in preventing the transmission of viruses. Then, four months later, he gives the exact opposite advice. The dozens of studies before March of 2020 didn't change. What did? A massive influx of "papers" purporting to show that masks were effective in stopping a 0.1 micron particle. Amazingly, the papers even established as "fact" the exact guidelines that were put in place back in April: wearing a mask and staying 6 feet apart. Previous movies and photos showing sneezes spraying droplets up to 15 meters away were no longer "scientific". Devices contrived to spray water of a specific droplet size and force that caused the droplets to fall to the ground within 6 feet were now "scientific proof" that backed up previously arbitrary dictates by mayors and governors extrapolating their authority to nullify the Bill of Rights selectively. They took it upon themselves to declare what was "essential" and what wasn't. Thus, BLM protesters rioting, burning and killing were OK but peaceable political rallies of Conservatives were not. Big Box stores could stay open but churches could not. The people's children had to forego all sports buy the Lincoln mayor's kid could play in a private tennis tournament. Families could not meet together for thanksgiving even wearing masks but the the governor and a dozen of his BF's could meet without masks in a 12' square dining room to wine and dine all evening. The CDC article culled all but 10 of the best RCT's (Random Controlled Trials) and presented the results, which were that cloth face masks are not effective in preventing viral transmission. The penetration values cited were similar to those given in the article cited below, and were probably used in CDC's analysis as well. On 12/05/2020 I searched the NIH database for articles showing the effectiveness of cloth masks. The NIH has deactivated the links to the texts on all of the articles I found in which the abstract mentioned that cloth masks were not effective. Some articles even disabled the abstract but the title was enough to indicate what the paper found. Fortunately there are other ways of finding those articles, which I won't mention here because the NIH would block those routes to the truth as well, just like the CDC did. Here is one such article I found: "Laboratory tests showed the penetration of particles through the cloth masks to be very high (97%) compared with medical masks (44%). A consequence of the above penetration is also a higher risk of critical care illness, the influenza--like illness is more significant in the cloth mask group than in the medical mask. Moreover, the rate of confirmation of laboratory-confirmed viruses was also much higher for cloth masks than for medi-cal masks or groups that did not wear any mask" So, a cloth mask allows 97% of all virons through and even the N95 allowed 44% to pass through. This explains that even with hand washing medical staff caring for patients with viral sicknesses often get sick with the same virus as well. We are in our tenth month of "combating" Covid by preventing herd immunity from being established. The mask mandates are even increasing as more testing reveals more people carrying particles of SARS-COV-2 in their throat or blood serum. Conflating being infected with being sick the MNM is pushing the hysteria. Most of those who test positive for C19 never show any symptoms. They are asymptomatic. Dr Fauci states that viral transmission does not occur with asymptomatic people. To quote Dr Fauci, "asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks. An epidemic is not driven by asymptomatic carriers" Dr Fauci's statement has been a cornerstone of microbiological understanding for decades. Thirty years ago when I taught Microbiology in college his statement was valid because it was based on peer-reviewed papers on the subject since before the outbreak of polio. But, just like before and true to form, and for most likely political reasons, Fauci reversed himself using a salad of weasel words. America is the richest, most powerful and technologically advanced nation on the planet. Yet in ten months we cannot produce an effective face mask in such quantities and so cheap that they can be handed out free of charge to stop as quickly as possible what some claim is the most deadly pandemic ever, IF, you ignore the flu pandemic of 1957-58, 1918 and several others. Meanwhile, the FDA has approved for sale the KN95 mask, a cheap knockoff of 3M's N95 mask that before Covid they would not approve for sale. So, Americans buy foreign made masks of dubious quality and sanitation: As you walk through your local Box grocery store wearing the mandated mask you notice that many folks have exposed their noses to make breathing easier. You also notice that people are constantly touching the mask and adjusting it, then touching items on the shelves, rinse and repeat. These practices make a nearly worthless mask totally worthless.


- a year ago  

America: The land of the fee and the home of the knave.

Dragon Slayer Intel

- a year ago  

I heard that many of those in the DeepDarkState, have their families in Sweden. They keep it this way for their comfort and ease.


- a year ago  

I guess covid doesn't know how to get to Sweden, I'm amazed at the amount of people that believe in this Scamdemic.