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Carl Sagan testifying before Congress in 1985 on climate change

  - 16:53

Originally uploaded to by carlsagandotcom Original source: DECEMBER 10, 1985 “Witnesses testified on how the greenhouse effect will change the global climate system and possible solutions.” Instagram: Twitter:






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November 23rd 2021  

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Peter Clark

- a week ago  

They heard of all of this and all they heard was CO². All they took away was WE HAVE to FIX THIS. Government is the process of finding the most stupid conclusion and running as far as they can with it.


- a week ago  

Lovey speaker though, no matter what he is saying!


- a week ago  

Yep, unless China and everyone else does it, there will be no effect.


- a week ago  

I used to think this guy was really smart. Now I realize he was just full of intelligence. CO2 has nothing to do with venues high temperature...Its the extreme atmospheric pressure that causes the high temperatures.


- a week ago  

he says venus has a high albido so where does the infrared radiation come from ? mars has the same co2 content as venus but is cold.


- a week ago  

Prof. Sagan once remarked, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." How climate change may shape the world in the centuries to come utm_source=Editors_Picks&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=editorspicks112121


- a week ago  

Sagan was one of the biggest frauds of 20th century "science." His Phd thesis was on the greenhouse effect and Venus. It was later thoroughly debunked, and he actually had to basically repudiate his own paper ( reluctantly ). Unfortunately, his idea of a "runaway greenhouse effect" is STILL with us today, and still widely believed. SETI - another expensive boondoggle promoted by Sagan. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence was based upon a pure fiction known as the "Drake Equation" which basically is a whole series of "SWAGS" aka "Scientific Wild-Assed Guesses." He was VERY political - and had far-left viewpoints, hated guns, and assumed that government should subsidize any damn-fool project that called itself "science."


- 2 weeks ago  

The effect of the 'greenhouse gas' water vapor seems to have escaped his observations. This was just a few years after the media was touting a new ice age. This actually just reveals the inherent fallacy of his comments. Nothing major has happened as he suggested would probably occur. Hindsight being 20/20. At least, for those who can see at all.


- 2 weeks ago  

Carl Sagan was a true scientist and would participate in any scientific debate. His views at that time were heavily influenced by that time. IMO, if Carl would be around in these days, I'm pretty sure he would express a different POV.