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Tony HellerPLUS



Obama's Evolving Views

  - 5:14

Twelve years ago politics was a series of non-stop lies. And the situation has since gotten much worse.






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November 20th 2021  

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My Brighteon Channel

- a week ago  

The U.S. public has sadly become poorly educated ignorant propagandized social justice lemmings. Public Schools have largely accomplished corporate America's goals.


- a week ago  

A lot of truth here. Politicians lie and it is getting worse. Climate scientists always lie. The problems is that the masses are stupid and are being educated into greater stupidity by the governments. Tell people to measure the height of 200 men and work out their average height. The tell them to go to tailors and ask them to make 200 suits to fit all of them based on the average height and the tailor would laugh at them and send them packing. They might work out why, but I wonder. They all believe that an average annual temperature tells them everything they need to know about the climate. It's not difficult to see why those who want to control us find it so easy.


- a week ago  

0b0bz0 DE zer0 has always been A POS and he has not changed


- a week ago  

Democrats cannot clearly and honestly address gun violence because disproportionately the gun deaths are mostly (80%) gun related suicide in males that have had their lives permanently crushed by despair from external burdens and trauma. Most gun homicide is due to criminal use by convicted criminals and felons. Most mass shootings are handgun related and gang related and no longer deliver enough interest to rise to national interest. The first priority should be to rescue men in despair.


- a week ago  

Hi, Tony, take a look at this movie, Idiocracy (2006) especially when they are talking about Browndo, and you will notice the striking parallels with the so called vaccine and Ivermectin, or horsepaste as the media likes to call it.


- a week ago  

Lying F Z


- a week ago  

He's an obvious liar in chief. He's no christian (he's muslim) and there is no question that he was a liar about the gun issue. There's some discussion about his 'wife' Micheal so that was a bust by the looks of things. Most likely he's a liar about his birthright. Tons of evidence that he was born in Nairobi.