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Tony HellerPLUS



Better Late Than Never

  - 3:06

In 2008 Obama promised to make energy prices skyrocket, and fourteen years later the Washington Post finally figured it out.






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June 3rd 2022  

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Category: Politics



- a month ago  

Nobody ever said leftist were stupid just arrogantly dumb.


- a month ago  

That video of Barack Obama clearly shows how moronic he is. Proposing all fuel prices are going to skyrocket. He actually believes what he is saying and to my amazement literally all government workers under his administration worked tirelessly destroying our American coal industry during Obama’s 8 years president. He succeeded for the most part. ————- Kids today no matter how ignorant of history to the one seem convinced global warming is real. Ask them who fought in WW1 or WW2 get blank stares but ask them if manmade CO2 will incinerate the planet and they are convinced it’s true. ————- I was at a WV surface coal mining operation in 2014 getting a tour with two other people. We came upon an augur mining into the high wall all done by one operator. To our amazement the young man comes out of the Augur while it’s still mining automatically and walks down on to the below coal stockpile and dances and preaches this is going to kill us all, burning coal will incinerate the planet. Kid was a complete idiot. You can’t fix stupid. ————- As for Joe Biden I guess if you are stupid and a proven liar you can still become our US President if a Dem. This guy said in this vid he wants to end all fossil fuels use and refuses to cooperate. He doesn’t care if he destroys America and bankrupts us going Green, he just doesn’t plan to cooperate.


- a month ago  



- a month ago  

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- a month ago  

Nice doggies! Stupid, brain-dead president.


- a month ago  

I guess people just can't wrap their heads around the facts that Gore's stupid and deceptive movie came out in 2004 and Obama was elected in 2008. 18 and 14 years ago respectively (hard to use that particular word here) and there has been no change in natural disasters or temperatures or crop yields or anything else the climate retards said would happen. No sea level rises. No cities underwater. Not even islands. No Arctic warming. No Greenland melting away. I must say, however, that Biden doesn't seem to be racist as he is crippling all of us without regard to skin color.


- a month ago  

Piltdown man, canals on Mars, phlogiston theory, the impracticality of FM radio, the impossibility of heavier than air flight, the dismissal of Heinrich Hertz radio waves: global warming is just another skeleton in the closet of those who insist theirs is 'irrefutable settled science'. It is both theoretical and empirical garbage.


- a month ago  

YouTube is a tragedy these days. 🥺


- a month ago  

That part about that pedophile at 1:36 is disgusting.


- a month ago  

Obamabiden is EVIL!


- a month ago