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The Buck Stops In Moscow

  - 9:02

The White House plan all along was to make energy prices skyrocket. And now that they have succeeded they want to blame their own malfeasance on everyone else.






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April 22nd 2022  

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- a month ago  

The keyword by Psaki here is leased acres. Oil companies bid on areas of land to lease for the purpose of exploring for oil. It does not mean that there is oil there or that even if it was found it would be economical to produce. It should also be noted that for companies drilling in the United States this almost certainly means the wells would require fracking, which are much more expensive to drill than a conventional oil well and generally required a $60 WTI price to break even before the current environment of inflation, so that break even point is probably much higher now. True enough, the oil price is much higher than that now, but the oil companies drilling these wells have learned their lesson from their money-losing practices before and are likely reluctant to invest in the current environment because of lack of confidence in future government policy because of the declared war on the oil industry by the current Administration.


- a month ago  

Psaki isn't even a real redhead? Her brown roots are showing. What a phony. Isn't that "cultural appropriation"?


- a month ago  

I just like to know when are they going to arrest that bastard ?

My Brighteon Channel

- a month ago  

Everything this asterisk ✳️ administration does is designed to damage the USA. EVERYTHING...


- a month ago  

There is estimated from repeated studies that the Canadian oil sands in Alberta from current established techniques and efficiency that there is over 3600 years of oil supply for the entire world there at about US$28 per barrel extraction and processed. This includes the yearly increase in demand until the world population peaks at 11 billion before stabilizing at 9.5 billion. There is even more oil along the shoreline and near offshore which will eventuality be extracted by horizontal drilling from land based origins. Lastly, evolving techniques and experience in fracking is doubling extraction every decade or so and old "low production " and abandoned wells become economically viable.


- a month ago  

Permits do not guarantee that oil is there on each Lease.


- a month ago  

Americans will not take responsibility any more.


- a month ago  

They lie without shame because the mass media, the Democrat Party, and the big corporations are controlled by the same bunch of billionaire oligarchs who want to build a communist/fascist state with themselves permanently on top controlling everything and everybody. Communist China is their model. Then they can tell all the lies they want, and nobody will call them on it without being silenced and imprisoned.


- a month ago  

It amazes me how that with your clear, substantiated explanations, your channel here has such an apparently miniscule following. The deep state's psychological operations against the American public must surely include somehow preventing people from seeing these posts.

Deplorable Neanderthal

- a month ago  

I totally agree. It’s mystifying. Are people just so uncomfortable with truth they can’t view anything but their Netflix Cuties movies?