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The Truth About Fossil Fuels and Climate Change, with Alex Epstein

  - 8:01

Originally uploaded to by Megyn Kelly Megyn Kelly is joined by Alex Epstein, author of "Fossil Future," to speak about the future of energy, the politics of fossil fuels, the truth about how little fossil fuels billions of people use in the world, and more. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for new videos everyday: Watch full clips of The Megyn Kelly Show here: Find the full audio show wherever you get your podcasts: Apple — Spotify — Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms: Twitter — Instagram — Facebook — Connect with me on social media: Twitter — Instagram — Facebook — #MegynKellyShow #MegynKelly #News #Politics






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June 1st 2022  

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- a month ago  

Dr. Patrick Moore points out that atmospheric CO2 was on a steady decline before humans started using fossil fuels. That trend would have continued, and ultimately led to the death of plants. Humans are the only species that could have released CO2 back into the biosphere that was locked up as fossil fuel. Life on Earth thrived when atmospheric CO2 levels were 10 times higher than today. There are apparently many more benefits than costs related to increased CO2. There really isn't much evidence of significant "global" warming in 15 years. I'm guessing that "global greening" from CO2 would have some effect on climate. I'm not sure if droughts would be a primary concern.

Wes Hamel

- a month ago  

These are the kinds of shows that make me sick to my stomach. They continue to argue about the dangers of government policies, but, in the end it still endorse the idea that CO2 significantly effects global climate temperatures. It does not. I'm tired of guys like Alex trying to ride two horses with one ass because they are afraid to adamantly refute government claims about CO2 effects.


- a month ago  

Megan is a lawyer, a good student of the law (graduated from Albany Law) and can be a good interviewer but on this short clip with author Alex Epstein on her podcast she starts out by saying global warming is real. Then jackass Alex Epstein says global warming exists but 3 billion using dung and wood to cook are worse off than using fossil fuels. Then 10% worldwide without fossil fuels, use waste water to farm and cause many deaths in doing so by disease. If they only use fossil fuels all would be better. The best part if this vid is Megan’s ending commercial for a staycation in the Michel Phelps pool. Megan and Alex say fossil fuels are bad and will incinerate us but for the 5 billion not using fossil fuels for heating, cooling and farming their lives are way worse before we incinerate us all. ————— FOSSIL FUELS USE WILL NOT INCINERATE US!!! Good grief Megan and Alex stop drinking the tea!!!


- a month ago  

That's if the earth was warming. Alex needs to listen to Tony.


- a month ago  

An aside - those declaring eminent waterworld scenario are propagandists, not scientists. Even if the world was warming - which it isn't - the total volume of ice and snow on earth is given as 155,000 cubic km. That is only enough (assuming that all of it currently sits on land above current sea level - which it isn't) to raise current sea level ~ 4 to 5 inches. Amount of snow and ice currently sitting on water will not raise level of that water by melting.


- a month ago  

This contradicts the previous video. A video that explains the use of "adjusted data" would be nice.


- a month ago  

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- a month ago  

Even taking rubbish theory at face value, there is no climate crisis. As it is, the greenhouse effect is as scientifically respectable as a proposal for a perpetual motion machine. Come to think of it, isn't that pretty well the solution offered by the climate cranks?


- a month ago  

He won't get through to the climate loonies, like AU new, prime minster who wants to take real action on climate change, or increase electricity and gas, and create more power blackouts for unreliable crap. Only a matter of time before a genius develops an overunity device and shares it!


- a month ago  

Lifting the face works real well for Kelly. This guy, Epstein, is a philosopher and energy expert. So, he has two hats. He has an imbalance in his diet. (Could be the alcohol) His voice is loaded with estrogen. Watching her be a barker for a product is just fun.


- a month ago  

The softening blur filter doesn't hurt either. Guy's definitely making a statement with that hair... I just have no idea what it is supposed to be.