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BBC : "We're still hurtling towards climate catastrophe"

  - 4:24

Originally uploaded to by BBC News (UK) "We're still hurtling towards climate catastrophe" Young campaigners are making an urgent plea for action on climate change, fearing the issue has been sidelined in the time of coronavirus






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Uploaded half a year ago  

October 17th 2020  

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Category: Politics



- 2 months ago  

Very sad and misguided, brainwashed by the elites who will become richer selling fake magic cures for energy supply.


- 3 months ago  

I suggest that all these children start to do their own research on Climate Change and look into all the scientists that are not government funded & put their reputations on the line by what they do and say! It is purely a political statement to say the world is in a Catastrophic state and about to end! Look back into history and see that the planet has gone through massive changes that make this current change a mere fart in a hurricane! It is the arrogance of Politicians and those with a financial stake in Climate Change that are making all these ludicrous predictions!! (Everyone so far has been false!)


- 4 months ago  

Those barrels of "Biofuel" shown in the video in green barrels, burn the same as diesel, putting off CO2, CO, unburned fuel, and other combustion products. You might feel virtuous, but you have accomplished nothing as far as "carbon" reduction.


- 4 months ago  

next they will be trying to stop the oceans tides from going in and out, or at least they may as well be trying to do so :)


- 4 months ago  

what science are you using to arrive at this bullshit the mann hockey stick


- half a year ago  

What a sad desperate joke. I'm starting a campaign to "Swap Our Bodily Fluids"...


- half a year ago  

If this little girl was in the Arctic, I imagine it was summer, and I understand even the Arctic experiences some warming, so yes, the ice is melting all around her. A question is how in the hell did she get there? Gliders? Sailing ships? Take the damn nose ring out and allow your head to fill with information and facts. Oh, by the way, the Artic melted so many years before you were born. Just look at all of the 10 year projections over the last half century or more.

Peter Clark

- half a year ago  

I think we should throw the moon at the sun and knock it further away. Who needs the eclipses,... Rasputin?

Sage of Runcorn

- half a year ago  

I have a tenner that says they are hypocrites.


- half a year ago  

"It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy. " George Orwell 1984


- half a year ago  

I grew up in britain, my father was a coal miner and my early life was with the atmosphere that constantly smelled of coal smoke. Every house had at least one open coal fire that was burning all day, no central heating and no double glazing or loft insulation. Our toilet was outside and our weekly bath night was in a metal tub in the kitchen, being the youngest of 5 I was last in and other than adding a pan of hot water from the stove it was the same water for all of us. I have shirts that I wear that are nearly twice as old as these commentators. The point here is that over the last 60 years the air has become so much cleaner, living conditions so much more comfortable and life expectancy so much longer not because we have cut out the use of fossil fuels but because we have developed them and can continue to develop them and use them more and more to improve out standard of living and learning. It's unlikely I will be alive in 2050 but I would like to be a fly on the wall and watch how society copes with out fossil fuels.


- half a year ago  

With a whopping 18 years of life on the planet, there's no frame of reference for these children who have been spoon fed the lies of the politicians all their lives. It's sad to see they have no knowledge of history and no investigative skills to question the sources of their ignorance. At least in the 60's protesters were supporting questioning authority. Not any more. Pity that.


- half a year ago  

Gorge Floyd couldn't breath because he was on drugs. And if you believe this BS, you're brainwashed.


- half a year ago  

Will one of these enlightened fools tell me how the George Floyd incident had anything to do with racism, much less supports the claim of system racism? My guess is they're hoping people will hold their breath waiting for the answer. It's a clever ploy. I've passed out 3 times before I caught onto them.


- half a year ago  

funny how all these losers talking about their feelings on climate change have no specific proposals beyond more eco friendly fashion packaging. All these young women have become a parody of their gender.


- half a year ago  

I'm trying to figure out how diversity has anything to do with the climate.


- half a year ago  

That was my 1st observation. Maybe Britain has gone full tilt Post Modernist intersectionality. Bad juju.


- half a year ago  

I was wondering that myself


- half a year ago  

Floyd said he couldn't breathe and pollution makes it hard to breathe, so it's obviously the same ra€ism causing both problems (sarc). Desperate exhibition of the need to find "intersectionality" in all things.


- half a year ago  

Exactly my impression.

felicia p

- half a year ago  

How dumb the young people have become, believing naively in corrupt unscientific media propaganda of fake news and misinformation. I am disgusted with them.


- half a year ago  

To sum up this video: Kids are stupid and will believe anything.


- half a year ago  

In a nutshell.

felicia p

- half a year ago are absolutely correct.


- half a year ago  

And that is why, in the U.S., there is a push by certain democrats to lower the voting age to 16.