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Al Gore's Nobel Prize

  - 4:45

Irena Sendler risked her life day after day to rescue thousands people from the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII. In 2007, the Nobel Prize Committee bypassed her and gave the prize to Al Gore for getting rich by scamming the world about climate. Irena died in 2008.






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November 23rd 2022  

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- 2 weeks ago  

This video made me look up Irena Sendler and her heroic deeds saving near 2500 Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto. She hid them one by one, hiding them on a horse drawn carriage going in and out of the Warsaw ghetto. The evil of WW2 Germany killing 8 million Jews in concentration camps is beyond evil. To think Al Gore Jr a charlatan clown who preached the end of times due to manmade CO2 like some cult instead was given a Nobel Peace prize and not Irena Sendler that year 2007, sickens me!


- 2 weeks ago  

I live in Vic/Au or as close as you can almost get to Antarctica, and after watching sleepy Joe tell us about all of the warm air and melting ice in the polar areas, have to remind myself that the freezing air l am feeling is all in my head.


- 2 weeks ago  

The problem with all foreign worldwide manufacturing competition, is it competition by foreign commercial labor or a State Owned Enterprise (S.O.E.) with nationalistic security interests. Let me answer that, they are all in fact SOE’s except America. ————- Definition of State Owned Enterprise (SOE): ————- A state-owned enterprise (SOE) is a legal entity that is created by a government in order to partake in commercial activities on the government's behalf. ————- America since WW2 has been competing with SOE’s who want one way trade into the American markets. A perfect example in the 1980’s to today is the nation state of South Korea, where the South Korean military run everything. ————- Japan works or subsidizes in likewise manner for their national security interests all its economy, they allow very little foreign competition into Japan and their economy has become heavily reliant on one way trade into our American markets. ————- The big elephant in the SOE foreign marketplace worldwide market is of course China. They are in the process of decoupling their massive one way trade with America. Why? As an SOE they always planned to undermine America and unlike South Korea and Japan SOE’s (who are their arch nemesis’s), they want America to fall and fail economically. South Korea and Japan want a strong America if for only their own security as an ally if China or North Korea attacked them. ————- China on the other hand wants America, Japan and South Korea to all crumble internally and economically. ————- America today has 100,00 fentanyl deaths annually. 20 times more deaths annually than in the Vietnam 10 year war. Most of these American fentanyl deaths are under 50. ————- America in the last 20 years became overly reliant on China and our key everyday US manufacturing is now gone. Our schools output woke jokes and America’s youth are in peril with a significant will and skill gap leaving many unable to function productivity in a modern world or for that matter hold a truly intelligent conversation. ————- Our secretive US Security State wants it that way. So I have little to offer but to say today’s America is nothing like the 1960’s I grew up in, in PA. Today the US has become 1984, a Brave New World and a rainbows 🌈and fairies 🧚‍♀️ world. A world of FTX and global balmy is our youths #1 existential crisis. Where up is down and down is going quickly to hell for our US economy. We are 30 Trillion in debt, brrrr…. ————- I 2nd what ‘Elvisboy777’ stated, “[email protected] Al Gore Jr”!!!


- 2 weeks ago  

[email protected] Al Gore