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Tony HellerPLUS



A New Dawn For Virginia

  - 10:12

Governor Youngkin has the opportunity to reverse the energy and environmental disaster which his predecessor was attempting to impose on the people of the Virginia.






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January 18th 2022  

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- 4 months ago  

People on the left are sure the whole world can be driven by unicorn farts!


- 4 months ago  

Tony, we are dealing with psychopaths whose solution is to cull the human race to a level which can be supported by the tiny amount of power available from 'renewables'. To such purely evil people thousands freezing to death in traffic queues is a positive outcome. In a sane society the greenhouse effect myth would have been laughed out of court, but it is perpetuated by rich Malthusians sponsoring bought and paid for media and politicians and a seriously corrupt academy.


- 4 months ago  

You're entirely correct. At one point, these globalist elite psychopaths gave out a number of 500 million people has the ideal number of people that the Earth could support. Lately, I have heard that number revised up to 1 billion people. What makes it even more crazy, is that even 1 billion people would not be enough to run the technologically-advanced world that they have in mind. Of course, it goes without saying that what makes them psychopaths and sociopaths is the fact that they have no problem with the genocide that would be required to bring the world population down to those levels. Truthfully, these people have given up the right to call themselves human beings, and execution would be the proper way of dealing with them.