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Tony HellerPLUS



Climate Fakery Part 21

  - 7:55

After decades of failed climate apocalypse predictions, the perpetrators of the climate scam are becoming increasingly ridiculous with their propaganda.






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Uploaded half a year ago  

August 8th 2023  

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- half a year ago  

We get the same news lies in Denmark. It is a disgrace. It is a new form of dictatorship. And one of the effects is that people in Denmark no longer are afraid of crime.


- half a year ago  

I was arguing with someone about this nonsense boiling story. I tried to educate them, but they just went into complete partisan denialism mode. Amazes me how people throw common sense away just to appease their twisted political ideology.


- half a year ago  

Mr. Heller yet another gem of honest hard hitting COLD HISTORICAL FACTS that global warming (now called by the UN global boiling) is a total sham. I now look at this global climate sham nonsense as humans #1 existential threat to using fuel derived from the land, Mother Earth, for our continual well being and population growth worldwide.


- half a year ago  

Our well being should not be reliant on ever increasing energy usage & population growth, both of which are only concluded to be necessary when conceding to the current economic system that is based on ceaseless compounding interest and debt. We're on a finite world with finite resources. Stability is necessary for long-term survival of our society. ----- Fossil fuels are a spectacularly valuable natural resource that should be conserved and only used as absolutely needed. Instead, industrialists have concocted new ways to market and use them as much as possible as quickly as possible. Their goals have been to hoard wealth and control & exploit the people under them, both by employing/enslaving them, and by creating a society where everyone relies on their products. The betterment of humanity was never part of the equation, it was a marketing campaign. ----- What we have is an illusion of "better standards of living", where in actuality what we have is; record levels of mental illness, suicides, depression, chronic sickness, poisoned rivers, poisoned farmland, toxic food, and insect, bird, & sealife populations declining catastrophically. We're all so entertained and distracted by the pretty lights and worthless trinkets we spend our lives working to accumulate, that almost nobody realizes their lives are completely controlled and devoid of meaning. ------ Yes, climate change is a scam to control and exploit people, but at this point our society is terminal whether we keep using fossil fuels or stop entirely. The only thing that will change is the sequence of events that bring us to the collapse. Weather and climate changing has nothing to do with that hard actuality.