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Tony HellerPLUS



January Insurgency

  - 6:52

On January 20, 2017 there was a violent insurgency in Washington DC to overthrow President Trump. The press. social media and Democrats actively supported the perpetrators.






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September 5th 2022  

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- a year ago  

Mr. Heller, how can you make this video, while having doubts presented in "Public Relations Vs. Reality" ? Isn't it obvious what's going on?

Truth Seeker

- a year ago  

This is but more examples of the democrats working hard to destroy this country. Let us be overrun by people illegally entering the country. The free flowing of drugs into the country along with gangs. Promoting violence that destroys our businesses, kills people and police.


- a year ago  

All of you do nothing . Voting is not going to cut it. These people will never stop, ever.


- a year ago  

It wouldn't take many 50 cal full autos on the roofs of DC buildings to reduce the numbers of rioting disgusting corrupt filth. Plus napalm sprayed into their midst and lit. There is no place for such as them in my nation. Apache choppers would do a much more efficient job, and good riddance.


- a year ago  

The best expose’ of the breathtaking hypocrisy of the “Demonazi” party I have seen. The Parallels with Hitler and Stalin are amazing. People should remember that Hitler seized power with about 33% of the vote. About the same as Bidens approval rate.


- a year ago  

Hey - what about the "Doomsday Glacier" which "...could raise sea level by several feet, is holding on by its fingernails. " - CNN


- a year ago  

Are any tennis players not participating in protest? Even a single one? The open should have about 3 participants if they had any integrity.

Brian Bellia

- a year ago  

The best version of Leftist violence and hypocrisy I've seen. Congratulations, Tony!


- a year ago  

The left called out Mr Trump 24/7 and yet he did some things that really made America great. Great compilation Mr Heller.

John B

- a year ago  

We have a dictator running our country named Justin Trudeau. Not one of the elected officials in the Liberal party dare to say anything against this man and his policies and believe that anybody who speaks out against him is trying to overthrow the government and our weak kneed media in Canada will never tell the truth about what is really going on in Ottawa under this so called Prime Minister of ours.


- a year ago  

F@ck Joe Biden. Traitor POS