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Tony HellerPLUS



At The Top Of The Hockey Stick

  - 5:09

After 120 years of unprecedented man-made global warming, temperatures are 0.0 degrees above the 1979-2000 average, and global sea ice extent is higher than it was when the first UN IPCC report was written in 1990.






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August 25th 2021  

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- a year ago  

You are very much appreciated, sir.


- a year ago  

Hi Tony, keep up the good work, I don't know if you accidently blocked me on twitter @beefyfarmer I have always supported your cause always try to fight the GW scam. I only noticed when I seen your tweets to david Birch were hidden


- a year ago  

You are doing a great job Tony. It is entirely too bad that the misleaders of our country are being paid by who knows who to gaslight the entire country.

Doctor Bacon

- a year ago  

YT must have shut Tony down again.


- a year ago  

That prediction only happens to Flat Earthers, nothing to worry about here. I'm still trying to figure out how the Sun rises in the Southeast and sets in the Northwest August 25 2021 ? To the Flat Earthers it's because the flat earth turned towards the east a little bit.


- a year ago  

You have the recognition and contacts in Science to pull the right people together and put an end to this! From flying syringes, to spraying shit in the air and control via vaccines are completely out of control! Your doing great work put our days are numbered!


- a year ago  

Lucifer must always have the truth available for all people to see. Then he and his demons among those who fall into his grasp the try to deceive humanity into not accepting the available facts and truth but to believe Lucifer's lies a d distortions. We must always push back against this tide of lies.


- a year ago  

By now, undisputable, unassailable, overt evidence of anthrogenic warming was to be manifest by ALL the scientists. However, the best they can legitimately state it such and such weather event MAY have been intensified by warming. Of course, always in retrospect, always carefully selected (selection bias) to suggest the conclusion predetermined (confirmation bias). Good faith scientists look at the outliers to falsify hypothesis, not cherry pick to confirm the hypothesis.


- a year ago  



- a year ago  

Brilliant expose again Tony. Climate alarmists are simply sheep who cannot think for themselves. They believe what the propagandists tell them, while their masters gorge themselves at the public trough. All dissent is censored. Data is changed and junk science pushed to support the criminal agenda. These are the same people who would have burned Galileo at the stake. They are indeed modern flat-earthers... and a blight on humanity. Their overlords are simply corrupt and evil.


- a year ago  

Science is banned and censored. Again. Is this what it was like living in the Soviet Union?


- a year ago  

Well, there you had to read the news "between the lines". Unfortunately, not even that slips through here in the old West.


- a year ago  

I had to google this woman. She's nuts. Her facial expressions reveal a pathology of paranoia, what I call a "Chicken Little" syndrome. Reading comments of her admirers is also very interesting. She never gives data but she quotes studies of dubious value. Most of her rant is denigrating any opposing views. Kind of like what I'm doing now except I have - thanks to Tony - the data to back up my criticisms. Fried Chicken Little? Baked Chicken Little? I can't decide which phrase better expresses the result of truth over fear.