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Tucker Carlson - Good evening

  - 2:16

Originally uploaded to by Tucker Carlson Good evening






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April 27th 2023  

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- a month ago  

I do hope with all my heart that you are right, it can not continue. Best wishes.


- a month ago  

All so true what Tucker said and well said. Our current president and his enablers are hell bent to destroy Russia, dismember it, steal and control its natural resources and put in Western leaning Russian billionaire oligarchs to replace the Kremlin. WW3 is looming and I predict it will be the Biden administration that stumbles and does the unthinkable and presses the button to go thermonuclear, all because these idiots running our US Military Industrial Complex can’t win in Ukraine. If Poland enters Ukraine and gets obliterated like the Ukrainians in Bakhmut were, that is when our president who approved blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline will get the OK to blowup the world with Thermonuclear weapons. The DNC and the US Military Industrial Complex are certifiably insane and maniacally evil.


- a month ago  

And all the people here are complicit through complacency. If what "our" government is doing is pushing the world to WWIII, why is a single American going to work, paying taxes… doing a single thing that they know contributes to the running of the war machine? Yes, it is every single person's fault. Nobody can be bothered to do anything that would make their life uncomfortable or risk all the "stuff" that they have. You know what? Thousands of degree nuclear fire will be pretty f-ing uncomfortable. So will fallout and all the power plants melting down when the grid goes down and operators don't show up to work. But yeah, pass the blame on to a political party or the MIC, because it's totally not each and every one of our fault for letting it happen.


- a month ago  

Agreed free to air pushes lies or discusses rubbish and all of the idiots use brute force to win an argument!