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"LBJ - He Never Likes Being #2"

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Originally uploaded to by wunderdoggy Referring to Nixon`s escalation of the bombing campaign in the Vietnam War. Relates anecdote of George E Christian LBJ`s Press Secretary remark about LBJ`s involvement in the JFK assassination. Taken from the famous David Frost interview.






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December 2nd 2021  

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- a year ago  

Johnson was the evil military industrialists and CIA's best friend. True murderous pieces of shit... ALL of them.


- a year ago  

Nothing like being bombed from across the planet by people who don't like being #2; shit. Yet, I do my best reading while doing a #2.


- a year ago


- a year ago  

LBJ and Hillary Clinton have two things in common, first they are both extremely vindictive hateful people that wanted revenge no matter what against those that they felt wronged them. Without the second thing in common they would be powerless to exact revenge, LBJ by having JFK assassinated in his home state Dallas Texas in 1963 or Hillary to thwart a sitting President Trump for 4 years with Russiagate and imprison an International journalist Jullian Assange who printed the truth that Bernie not Hillary would have won the 2016 Democratic primary but the Democratic Party made sure Hillary won the primary. The second shared thing they both have in common are the “Permanent Unelected Class” who run all levers of the US Government and truly pull all the levers of our US Government backed both LBJ and Hillary. The NSA, CIA, FBI and Capital Police who run our US Military and “Clattering Clickbait Class” mainstream media. Without the backing of this omnipotent, omnipresent and treasonous backing by the “Permanent Unelected Class” both LBJ and Hillary Clinton would have been powerless to exact their revenge against both JFK and Trump.


- a year ago  

If this platform permitted likes, this post would have as many as I could generate. The sordid history of LBJ and the Clinton's would take hours to type out. Simply said, LBJ didn't take the VP slot because he thought it was advancing his career. He took it because he knew Kennedy wouldn't survive the CIA attack and he'd be in a position of ultimate power. To be a friend of the Clintons is to have a death sentence. Their personal gains from the cocaine flights into Arkansas has been well documented, and the deaths of those close to the Clintons are just unbelievable. I would NEVER want to be close to Bill or Hillary - it's a death sentence for sure.