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Tony HellerPLUS



2000 Mules

  - 1:26:32

By Dinesh S'Souza






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Uploaded 4 days ago  

May 13th 2022  

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- 10 hours ago  

Sickening beyond belief.


- 2 days ago  

Aaaand it’s gone.


- 2 days ago  

You can stick your voting into a trash can, it's finished. I knew it when people wearing election T-shirts at the voting locations. I knew I couldn't trust my vote after I walked out the door too.


- 2 days ago  

LAMO Biden said this campaigning in Philadelphia in 2019. “Kiddo, look into my eyes, I’m going to end fossil fuels! I guarantee you, I guarantee you, we are going to end fossil fuels. And I am not going to cooperate!” This was filmed and I watch it still to this day occasionally, I do so as a reminder why Biden needed 15,000 of our US troops behind a 10’ crowd control fence circling the Capital building, when he was inaugurated as our next US President. Biden’s inauguration was more like Hitler’s coming to power after the Reichstag building fire, it was like a coup.


- 3 days ago  

This is only a small part of the cheat. Electrinic voting and counting machines are highly susceptible to fraud. The masses have already sold out to Technocracy and they're loving it......for now.


- 4 days ago  

So, what makes anyone think that the next election will be fair and honest?


- 4 days ago  

The election was stolen by a centrally controlled and financed organization run by an organizational genius. Suspect #1: Mark Zuckerbucks

The Main World Forum

- 4 days ago  

If Donald 'warp speed' Trump wanted to be re-elected why didn't he set up surveillance like this everywhere to make fraud impossible or to catch them in the act? It feels like election fraud has been shoved in everybody's faces from elections night (the numbers changing on live TV) to this documentary. Why does it feel like they are setting up a Problem - Reaction - Solution narrative? ... nobody seems to be interested in actual justice (the law), just stirring up outrage so we all say "OMG this is terrible, something must be done, what are THEY going to do about it!!?" Then along comes the solution: digital ID / biometrics


- 4 days ago  

The majority of the people are stupid. They just do not see or get it. If Trump had done what you said then most people would have thought it was a power grab. Never mind a rich man became the president in determent to his wealth. You can not say that for others as they just got mind boggling rich. What was needed was for the stupid people to actually see, to feel, what is going on. Yet, there is half of the stupid people who will still not understand. I am afraid though that you are correct, nothing will happen to these thousands upon thousands of people. Not to mention those who are at the top of the bullshit. The solution? Well I have the solution, but nobody has the balls to do justice. Good luck to you in the upcoming marxist coming. Evil prevailed because good men and women did nothing....... But talk and talk


- 4 days ago  

Beyond a reasonable doubt.


- 4 days ago  

Thanks Tony. I lot of us want to pay for this from Dinesh as we know this isn’t a cheap production but our budgets are broken. Thanks again for uploading


- 4 days ago  

Thanks. CROOKS must be STOPPED

Everyone needs to see this. The evidence is irrefutable. Thanks, Tony, for helping to share!