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The Law Commission's totalitarian plan for Britain

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Originally uploaded to by The Free Speech Union The Law Commission, an unelected quango that proposes changes to the law – based in the monolith behind me – is proposing what it claims is a new “hate crime act”. In reality, this would be a new anti-free speech act for the UK. Freedom of expression is the central value of a democratic society – but the Law Commission’s proposals say it is merely one among “[other] rights”, and needs not take priority when “setting parameters for acceptable conduct”. Those parameters include extending the “protected characteristics”.   Currently, so-called “hate speech” includes “demonstrations of hostility” to these groups (currently race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and transgender identity). The Commission wants to define more and more people by membership of such groups – it says these could include women; “age” could be a protected characteristic; even “sex workers” could become a protected identity. This means you could be convicted for “stirring up hatred” against any of these groups, facing up to seven years in jail. The Commission also discusses an offence of stirring up hatred for disseminating “inflammatory images”. Chillingly, it refers repeatedly to Mohammed cartoons like those in Charlie Hebdo. Prosecuting cartoonists like these would be an astonishing capitulation to terrorism. To police its rules, the Commission wants more surveillance of the population. Authorities have already set up “portals” online to encourage us to inform on each other for speech-crimes. The Commission wants to make this even easier, claiming there are still too many “barriers” to denunciation. But that is still not the most chilling part of these proposals. In a totalitarian society, the state tries to control how you think; and it makes sure nothing is private. First, the Commission admits it wants to control how we think, calling for us to be re-educated: The whole point of hate-crime law, it says, is to educate the public; and remind people that “negative attitudes are not acceptable”. But in a free society, the state has no business policing our thoughts. Next, hate speech laws don’t yet cover what you say in the privacy of your own home. The Commission plans to change that, so that your conversations around the dinner table could get you jailed. Proposals like these will make parents fear their own children, lest they inform on them. This is the Law Commission’s totalitarian plan for Britain.






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January 20th 2021  

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- a month ago  

That's something I've never quite understood. Why can't I hate you - in speech? What sort of narcissistic person wants to stop anyone from hating them?


- a month ago  

The calendar may say 2021, but we're living in 1984.


- a month ago  

Your turn England. Step up. We're not done with ours, but we're going to win and we're behind you as you fight this!!


- a month ago  

From 1946 to 1992 the so-called western world fought the ideology of Marxist tyranny. We saw our militaries build up and fight wars via direct or proxy against nations that were fueled by the Marxist ideology. The western world defeated the USSR led world of Marxist-Communism by January 1992. Who would have thought that not 30 years later our western world nations would see us jumping all on board the Crazy train of new Marxist tyranny. Like others said, it will fail as any ideology and government based on such that go counter to the individual and the thirst of individual liberty must fail due to its anti human evil, but it will create a lot of hurt before I crumbles in itself. Too many of us just refuse to not learn the hard way. But build up trust in your self and yes find faith in God and Jesus... Seriously I lived much of my adult life as bouncing around athiesm or agnostics....My red pilling had me come to understand my need and IMO society's need to have faith in God and Jesus. No, one does not have to be a crazy proselytizer. But come to learn and understand what faith in God or Jesus means. Never put faith in government, obviously we need to better see and understand government, but we need to pushback authority driven government and not fall prey to its false promises and platitudes.


- a month ago  

We should all know, at least in the United States, that is has got to come to a head, hopefully sooner than later.


- a month ago  

Scary to see the potential rise of a kind of Stasi in the west. Hell it's already here. Trump went through 4 years of it, they called it Zersetzung.


- a month ago  

the symbol at 16 seconds. The unicorn (us) is chained and the lion (authority) wears a crown.


- 2 months ago  

We have front row seats to a Marxist revolution. Cheer up, the good news is... they ultimately fail. The bad news is... not before lots of pain and suffering. Think Mao or Stalin... you get the picture.


- 2 months ago  

Coming soon from a tyrant near you.....


- 2 months ago  

It is astonishing how easy it is to collapse insensibly into a police state. Just today Piers Corbyn ,an eccentric but brave character, has been fined £10000 under 'emergency' legislation for organising an anti Covid rally. A fixed penalty which is normally used for parking fines. I regret that I was one of those 'it couldn't happen here ' characters. I thought with our laws and traditions it was impossible . How wrong I was.


- 2 months ago  

1984 writ large....Britain in a rapid decline with Boris Hitler and his National Socialism agenda. This is how it progresses as I heard from my mother when she was alive and lived as a teenage in Nazi Germany.


- 2 months ago  

Britons need to do whatever it takes to abolish the Law Commission and cancel any proposals it has made or plans to make.


- 2 months ago  

So called 'hate speech' has in fact been around a very very long time but now the internet gives it lightning fast distribution. Thus these law commission wallers think they need to clamp down in law. It's all to do with the internet and control thereof.


- 2 months ago  

Very chilling. The members of this "Law Commission" (how Orwellian, in the spirit of the "Ministry of Truth") should all be fired and sent to posts far away from London.


- 2 months ago  

Time to get the kids involved by encouraging them to monitor their parents' talk and get recordings if possible. When Adolf H. did this, it was considered fascistic and immoral. I am not sure the Third Reich was defeated. Perhaps it just changed venues.


- 2 months ago  

Who has the ability, to be the worthy and ethical judge in such strange ideological invented matters? The strange thinking will not unite nor make humans equal!

Glenn Howden

- 2 months ago  

Can giving this video a thumbs up get Brits Jailed?


- 2 months ago  

I don't know but it might keep us out of jail


- 2 months ago  

This gave me the chills.


- 2 months ago  

Isn't it past time to make Orwell fiction again?


- 2 months ago  

Keep up the great work, Tony.