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Jabbed American Airlines Captain Cardiac Arrests Upon Landing With 200 O

  - 24:16






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April 20th 2022  

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- a month ago  

Skip the first twenty-eight minutes. - Five Years


- a month ago  

Gotta fly next month from coast to coast with six different pilots at the controls, all with the experimental vaccine coursing thru their veins. With two pilots up front I'm thinking my chances are good that both will not have heart attacks at the same time, right? In a week we have to repeat the whole thing in the other direction. Well, at least they have dropped the mask insanity... for now. Weird, with thousands of hours in C-141s, C-7a Caribou and helicopters never thought I'd have "flight hesitancy"!!! (but i do)


- a month ago  

The jab wasn’t experimental, like covid the jab was lab made and it’s side effects already known. Covid killed very effectively those feeble and unhealthy over 60 to 100’s. I think the average age of those who died is still close to 80 worldwide. Unfortunately clickbait Silicon Valley billionaire oligarchs refuse these clear and concise statistics to be easily disseminated on-line. Why? To make billions having everyone including children 5 and up take an unneeded jab for 0 to 60 aged healthy groups. Seems this pilot was healthy but succumbed due to getting the jab. Was this healthy pilot getting the jab unnecessary? We are NOT allowed to even ask this still on mainstream media!


- a month ago  

There is no definitive evidence to prove or refute the unequivocally link the COVID vaccine and the recent increase in sudden catastrophic blood clots in the coronary arteries, cerebral arteries, renal arteries, pulmonary arteries,etc and the increased deaths in the working age population. However, typically, emergency investigation by the CDC would have usually been initiated with urgency and high suspicion. The results of statistics alone is typically sufficient to start immediate action. And often only statistical correlation can terminate a drug or vaccine without full mechanisms of pathology until understanding occurs.


- a month ago  

Under duress my foot, he took it because he wanted to maintain his position in life, had he not cared about his position he would have told them to bug off!


- a month ago  

One death of a pilot in 2019 according to their own magazine. In 2020 about six deaths. In 2021 dozens died. The only difference was the mandate of the vaccine.


- a month ago  

As a retired commercial pilot I can tell you that it is beyond belief that the Feds and the major airlines have pushed the job on anyone, let alone the pilots. To be clear, this jab was entirely experimental and it was criminal to force people to take it!