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YouTube Clown Show

  - 1:56

YouTube has a new algorithm which guarantees most comments won't be seen by the majority of viewers.






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September 21st 2022  

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Category: Politics



- a week ago  

Listening to a UTube vid on Ukraine my post below was removed no matter how I edited it. Good grief free speech or any viewpoint that questions is dead. ————- Clown World of Boris Johnson and Bidenopolis it is. These clowns want Ukrainians best soldiers or more importantly Ukrainian men to go to war and die in large numbers. All the while NATO and Pentagon are training these Ukrainians in NATO and American army bases on the use of the West’s high tech military armaments to do their best to kill Russians and those defending Eastern Ukraine. ————- The Clown World’s real goal is to incite breakaway nations and regions of the former Soviet Union and to kill as many breakaway former Soviet Union nations peoples, mostly young men and in the process train them to kill as many Russian young men and those Russian speaking Ukrainians defending their homes and families in Eastern Ukraine. ————- The two biggest non-NATO armies in Europe are Russia’s with near a million fighting men and Ukraine with near 400,000 fighting men and 250,000 to 350,000 national guard of fresh recruits. ————- The Clown World only wants Ukrainian and Russian men to die in large numbers, that is why mainstream media CNN, MSNBC, NYTIMES and Washington Post are the most adamant supporters of this war and their reporters are so highly paid to spew this agenda. ————- As an older man in the West in America, I have seen our place as productive men in the 1950’s and 1960’s, hollowed out as once productive now 35% unproductive today and growing. ————- The Clown World no longer wants normal family life, just carefree peoples free of norms controlled by the collective globalists relying on modern mindless gadgets and modern conveniences. For most you will own nothing and be happy or else (PayPal will ban you). ————- Now what in the above might offend the globalist?


- a week ago  

YOUTUBE COMMENTING CENSORSHIP TRICKS: 1) Shadow banning (comment only viewable by commenter -- can be checked via "private" window / signed out, or via VPN); 2) Deleting comments over a minute after posting (algorithmic check); 3) allowing comments to post, but, no longer be visible -- effectively blocking comments, only without it telling the commenter so.


- a week ago  

If you perform a careful search, you will see that they are also deleting the internet. There's a YouTube channel that shows it very well. YouTube is a DARPA project - just like the graphene oxide poison in the mRNA COVID-19 shots that is Elon Musks' neural lace brain interface - and so is the bioweapons dispersion system that they used to launch this bioterrorism attack that is the plagues of the angels of the Apocalypse! Thanks Tony! I noticed this change too. MUST SEE! The Angel Gabriel Announced The Return Of Our Lord! SHARE THIS! HOT!! MUST SEE! The Second Angel of the Apocalypse! SHARE THIS! EVERYTHING You Think To Be True Is A Lie!


- a week ago  

That one was new to me. I was wondering yesterday why the answers to a first comment wouldn't show when I clicked on "x Replies." It was a video with "Trump" in the title, from a news station that, I think, is Republican-leaning, but not one of the major US news provider.


- a week ago  

That's NAZITUBE for you