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Greg Price - Dr. Jha: "We can prevent every covid death in America" if everyone gets their updated booster.

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Originally uploaded to by Greg Price Dr. Jha: "We can prevent every covid death in America" if everyone gets their updated booster.






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Uploaded 2 weeks ago  

November 22nd 2022  

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- 2 weeks ago  

Latest interview with Dr Sukharit Bhakdi: The path to living hell Watch it on Rumble He explains why the mRNA vaccins are killing so many people. And they are ramping it up now to inject the children with this stuff. The interview in in English and lasts 38 minutes.


- 2 weeks ago  

Forget the vaxx, it doesn't work. If you get Covid and get treatment, then you can prevent Covid deaths. In 2020 and 2021, doctors would just send you home and told you to drink plenty of liquids.


- 2 weeks ago  

Lying evil retarded fuck. Occidere eos omnes, Deus modi eos


- 2 weeks ago  

Two arms and nothing inbetween, pure Democrats at work!


- 2 weeks ago  

That is a pure lie! That is what we know. Firstly look up the meaning of vaccine. AstraZeneca is a vaccine. The Moderna/Pfizer nRMA injections do not meet the description of the term vaccine so it must be called what it is "an injection" of genetic influence. (Alteration). Which the side effects of are being covered up. Make no mistake about that. That influence started in Europe by the E.U. to hit out at the British Cambridge University, AstraZeneca vaccine. Strange how quickly they claimed it would cause heart issues? When in my family a member that had the nRMA injection NOW has a heart issue and has been in ICU twice! A previously healthy 19 year old .. There is NO CURE vaccine. That is fact a vaccine can only help ease your condition. A vaccine can NOT stop you getting COVID or passing it on if you have a Covid in the stage where you are contagious. Remember viruses "mutate" so change. It's 23rd November 2022. China is under more lock downs with a new strain. That means a variation, "Mutation" of the Covid strains. We will all get "Covid" at some point. It will be our body that fights and with stands that strain. So lets make this very CLEAR! If you get very sick from Covid a Hospital ICU will help you and your body get through it. Not because of a Covid injection. But from a multiple of other medical practises, Oxygen supply, drugs that help clear the lungs, anti inflammatories, drugs for blood circulation and oxygen supply. Many other factors. That is how those that have gotten very sick and Yes! Even those that have had injections.. I ask, Where are those figures - results? I personally take a (pharma) pain killer drug. For injuries I have received. It is a Pharma tablet knock off of Morphine. Now what are these Pharma tablets that have hit the market to help prevent Covid?? NOTE! Help PREVENT not Cure or Kill the COVID viruses. Iver an idea! They work out at around $7.50 each tablet. pack of 30. Ivermectin (Human) about 0.30c each. ? Like I said, November 2022. Hind sight is a bitch. Data coming out, even though there are strong attempts to prevent that. Show there is NO cure injection. There is no Injection that gives you immunity. They Can help fight the virus. But these injections are and have done a great deal of harm. Being as these NEW injection alter your body at a genetic level we have no idea of long term and cross over effects. It is also very clear that the SO CALLED HUMAN TRAILS. Where really SUSPECT! The push for more and more of these injections will cover up any chance of getting anyone that has not had an nRMA vaccine as part of a bench mark for further investigations. MONEY BUYS EVERYONE ! IT DOES NOT MATTER IF THE ARE POLITICIANS OR SCIENTISTS.


- 2 weeks ago  

Agreed, l listened to the soap box beating of chests with remarks of self righteousness and being proud of jabbing up years ago at a forum l belong to, but where are they now? One is dead and another is prone to amputation. But from what l have heard only about 30% in my country, AU, are boosting up with number 4, because of misinformation as MSM calls it or facts!