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Tony HellerPLUS



Engineered Delusion

  - 5:30

Joe Biden is recycling the same green energy scam from fifteen years ago, only this time it is six times as expensive.






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May 6th 2023  

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- 3 weeks ago  

America from 2009 to today has closed near 300 of its 550 coal fired power plants. China built near 2 a week since 2009 to today coal fired power plants and on mainland China has 1110 coal fired power plants as of 2023. China plans to maintain building near 2 a week coal fired power plants into the 2030’s. Which country is a Super Power in manufacturing? ————— Manmade CO2 is responsible for 4% of all CO2 worldwide since 1960. The planet is 20% greener due to all this added CO2, NASA satellite imagery proves this. China today outputs more CO2 than the US, UK and EU combined. In 1960 CO2 worldwide was in the low 300’s ppm and today thanks mostly to China, India and the Far East it’s a little over the 400’s ppm. ————- When the dinosaurs roamed the Earth natural CO2 exceeded 1000 ppm and in the past 650 million years CO2 went up to 7000 ppm and life exploded both on land and sea. Back 250 million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and natural CO2 exceeded 1000 ppm worldwide, life exploded. Go to any Natural History Museum and gander at the skeletons of those massive and abundant land and sea fossils of plants and animals in the dinosaur era. The planet didn’t end by incinerating itself with higher CO2 but carbon based life in plants and animals, life exploded due to all the CO2 when CO2 exceeded 1000 ppm. The science is settled CO2 over 1000 ppm is not good for Mother Earth but great!!! ————- The real reason the globalist want to mandate ending fossil fuels use is to stop the runaway worldwide population explosion today, where the world’s population since the 1800’s due to fossil fuels use, went from 1 billion to 8 billion today and adding a new billion every 12 years and mostly in third world countries. End fossil fuels use and create failed Western economies and nations in the world with massive populations, will implode these societies causing massive starvation and death. The elites want to be unaffected and their modern technological jet set godless ways to remain unchanged and even maintained while they mandate ending fossil fuels use in the West for the rest of mankind. The rich liberals ‘do as I say and not as I do’ will mandate they shall inherit the earth while they mandate going green. God has other plans for these godless wealthy. ————- These Western leaders and their billionaire donors and backers are all fools. They plan to make the West collectively go green and in non-West BRIC nations to destroy them all by toppling them, starting with Russia. WW3 looms and it is coming, the BRIC non-West nations that outnumber the West 7 to 1 are diametrically opposed to going green and joining the West ending fossil fuels use.


- a month ago  

We can compare the difference in change of CO2 in the athmosphere in economics, with the world going into panic of 1 cent compared to 100 dollars... Spending trillions because one cent is madness!


- a month ago  

Real climate science claims that the earth is hundreds of millions of years old, but have no evidence for the claims. Telling the narrative about these millions of years is the connection to the less and less trusted belief in the evolution "faith". This "faith" contradict the findings in nature: The animals found was huge in the past compared to present creatures, which shows devolution - not evolution. Looking at the extremely complicated biology of mankind, one can only conclude, that intelligent design has to be the foundation of the existence of life and not the man made theory of evolution. Both(evolution and creation) is a question of faith - the first one excluding a Creator, the last includes God as the Creator of the earth with the variety of life. Make a choice: evolution or Creation.


- a month ago  

Imagine if they put the same amount of effort into stopping actual pollution, increasing efficiency, minimizing waste, & reducing the need for more energy? It's almost like they're using the "climate" as a smokescreen so that the financiers can keep maximizing profits.


- a month ago