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“What We Suspect To Be Global Warming”

  - 3:32

Fifteen years of endless summer at the New York Times






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November 22nd 2021  

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- a week ago  

Climatologists have created "models" that can rationalize any outcome. Science demands the logical ability to discern between truth and fallacy. Remember that clever and rationalization occurred over centuries to perpetuate epicycles by clever men making continuous adjustments so that geocentrism could be defended. If you have a correct hypothesis, say continental drift, often you have to wait for the current authority to retire or die off. Science is a human endeavor and suffers when intellectual honesty, curiosity, and rigor are hijacked by ideology. I just point out that as long as the Greenland and Antarctica ice mass is increasing, glaciation is occurring. And that is counter to the trends over the last 17,000 years of shrinking.


- 2 weeks ago  

I was going to suggest that maybe you extricate yourself from twits-r-us but they will soon make that decision for you.


- 2 weeks ago  

"Clown world" - I like it. I think we all need to put a notice on the inside of our front doors saying - You are now entering the lunatic asylum.


- 2 weeks ago  

My wife gets The NY Times delivered daily. I occasionally pick it up to read but find it is so incendiary and painful to read, I usually have to put it down in disgust. At times it is funny though, if the weather isn’t hot enough but just humid or raining the NY Times will blame almost any changing weather phenomenon on, you guessed it, manmade CO2. They do this so, so much, that is misinform and outright lie about manmade CO2 causing the End-Of-Times catastrophic weather changes worldwide that I sometimes pick it up just to find this garbage to make me roll my eyes and laugh at this nonsense hysteria. I see The NY Times as the New York Blues, always promoting the End-Is-Near hysteria about weather but all the while only targeting fly over hinterland American conservatives as the true evil for all this made up weather catastrophe, while China and its CCP leaders with their massive new found wealth are pulling the strings behind the scenes at the NY Times bloated obsolescent newspaper being their true masters and secretly driving their anti-American coal, oil and gas narrative.


- 2 weeks ago  

You are married to someone who reads that shit? When is the divorce?


- 2 weeks ago  

Keep it up, Tony! Thank you. We are in a war. It is being fought with psychological operations and money. The constitution is in grave danger.