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Search for TRUTH - LIVE w/Teace Snyder, Activist, Artist,Producer

  - 1:30:22

The Angry Albertan Podcast, recorded LIVE with special guest, Artist, Producer, Writer, Filmmaker, Teace Snyder... THE BIGGER PICTURE. Check out his work here: Follow The Angry Albertan: Telegram: Facistbook: Twatter: Rumble: Bitchute:






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Uploaded 2 years ago  

April 7th 2022  

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- 2 years ago  

1:01:39 " kind of sounds like what Jesus said" and then at 54:11 " Invasive , Persuasive , Ubiquitous " before things can move forward on the God side ,we need 144,000 people who are willing to petition grace from God to change their character into an emulation of Jesus's character. God will then use that group to take a message to the world " if you want to be part of a newly recreated earth where life need never end, where each is granted land in perpetuity , you must acknowledge God's right to rule by keeping the ten commandments " . This message is to bear the stamp of God by having miracles( signs and wonders) ( as with Jesus's public ministry) accompany that testimony. When the last person on earth considers the question and makes his decision then the mindset of each living at that time will be judged according to the mindset he has at the point in time when that last decision was made. After that point in time it will not be possible to reconsider and change your stance. In eternities future it will be up to each individual to monitor their own behaviour for adherence to the commandments. Even there God our Father will provide grace to bring our heart back if we ask. Should the 144,000 not be realised . We are all " free moral agents" i. e. the choice to be obedient will always be ours ,and God will not assist us unless we ask . Should the 144,000 not be realised and humanity becomes too imbecilic to " come let us reason together" then our Father will cease His " inciting to acts of kindness" and the viles of His indignation will still be poured out prior to Jesus returning with the cloud of angels to collect from the grave those who gave honour to His Father's name in the past . Revelation 14v6,7 ( for the forming of the 144,000) Revelation 18v1-4 ( declares the power behind the miracles and the messages that power will be supporting) Revelation 14 v8,9 ( the messages that the 144,000 present to the people ) Luke 18v8 ( as the 144,000 are to be alive at Jesus's return , Jesus acknowledges here that because it is a choice it is not certain. Going to God and asking for grace to become , because you accept He is well able to provide the promised land is hurtful to our pride. It is something that can not be provided from all the means of this world. To approach God simply because we want that gain puts on us the character of that unjust judge. Whilst we may be able to " swallow our pride" and move in that direction,will we be able to be as earnest in that cause as was that widow in presenting her petition? Her petition was driven by believing the judge had authority to deliver her from torment .


- 2 years ago  

I was born in Calgary and I began warning Western Canadians about the overwhelming corruption handing out CDs I made: The Freemasons began poisoning and arranging accidents in 2006. It could be classified as a miracle that I am still living and it has verified to me that we live in a spiritually designed multidimensional universe like explained by the Sethbooks.


- 2 years ago  

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