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A VERY Divisive Podcast.....

  - 2:08:01

This very well could be our most DIVISIVE podcast YET!!!! Let's see how many people unfollow us after this one! Every Saturday since May 2020 the Angry Albertans have gathered on the grounds of Alberta Legislature in defiance of this government's totalitarian "public health" measures.... We meet each Saturday at 1 PM, the speeches and livestream begin at 1:30 PM. Please bring a HOMEMADE sign and as many FRIENDS as you can muster! Follow The Angry Albertan: Telegram: Facistbook: Twatter: Rumble: Bitchute:






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Uploaded 2 years ago  

January 20th 2022  

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Why they all blackballing eachoter instead of kill enemy's together..,the elites are still breathing and laughing their snake asses off! WHY!!!!!


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lol did you 2 have butt sex yet? How's that pseudo racist anti-semite freedom fighter cosplay coming along. Fucking losers hahahahahahh


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- 2 years ago  

Stu Peters is terrible like Alex Jones! They are actors working for "them". Dear Sir. Left vs right is garbage. Seriously let that one go. You have just look at the evidence. Politicians are chosen. Look in to it. The ruling class just re badged king in to president/pm etc. Nothing changed except we got brainwashed. Not conspiracy anymore so leave it behind. Thanks for your information as I sometimes get a hype on crap chute.