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Guided meditation | Heal & transmute the grief you are holding within you | Tribe All One Series

  - 24:34

#meditation #healingmeditation #grief In the guided meditation you will sit in the presence of the grief you are holding and through your awareness, breath and love the grief will begin to shift and heal. Presence heals! Signup to receive info on all Free Ceremonies, courses and events with Sarita Sol online or at SolHenge: Become a Patron and enjoy benefits such as Q and A sessions, community guided meditations, free downloads and much more, plus you can help me assist those in need to receive free classes, healings and retreats. For online Virtual Meditation Classes, Manifesting and Healing Retreats, Personal Mentoring, Distant Quantum and Shamanic Healing with Sarita email: [email protected] or go to [email protected]_SolHenge For MP3s of courses and guided meditations to download go to: Available Vimeo : Brand NEWTUBE: Bitchute : Subscribe our channel : Follow on Twitter : @solhenge Instagram : All Playlist : Accessing the fifth dimension. 5D: Heal Thyself- Body mastery: The Cosmic Heart Series: Dimensions within you, Energy Centers Upgrade Series: Heart centered mindfulness techniques: Explore consciousness: Manifesting techniques: Healing Meditations: Oracle of Pythia: The Ancient Art of Dream Weaving: How can we navigate our lives to ascend in our awareness? My name is Sarita and I am trained in the ancient Shamanic teachings of The Lyceum. This channel will help you to transcend the ordinary and realize the truth of who you are as quantum,






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January 11th 2022  

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