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How money abundance is affected by your Father | Poverty, overwork, lack, control, laziness and more

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#money #manifesting #abundance How your conditioning from your father and the paternal line can really affect on deep levels the way abundance and money flows into your life. Join my workshop and become your own sovereign king flowing in the golden coins of abundance forgiving the sins of your father, The sins of the Father 5hr workshop via zoom, €88 A journey into kingship Exploring and forgiving and healing deeply the role of the father in your life and reseeding the golden coins of abundance and the arrows of protection 15th October 5-10pm France time Ceremony, healing, meditation, mirror work, embodiment practices. WHEN YOU HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE SACRED MASCULINE, ABUNDANCE FLOWS INTO YOUR LIFE This is an intensive, deeply healing workshop, open to all those wishing to heal their relationship with their father and the paternal ‘sins’ that have been carried forward to you from him and all the fathers down the ancestral lines of the grandfathers. You will be contained within a sacred process to experience how, through a deeper connection and focused action of will into truth you can break detrimental beliefs and patterns and call forth your own arrows of protection and seed the golden coins of abundance into your life. This process works via the transmutation alchemy of forgiveness, compassion and wisdom and will affect change within you on cellular levels. You will meet the truth of yourself as a sovereign ruler of your own kingdom, receive gifts from your paternal ancestors and forge a new way. This offering is designed to bring you lasting internal change as you anchor deeply into the masculine of your own being and rise in kingship in the realization that the kingdom of choice is within you. Open to both men and women Your father can be currently alive or have already transitioned for you to do this work 15th October, 5-10pm France time. €88 sign up here:






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