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December Astrological Ascension Forecast | authenticity or bust | chaos | truth within illusions |

  - 51:23

#december2021 #astrology #ascension December 2021. Taking you through the ins and outs of what's coming up for us this month, including the end of year reflection in cycles, healing what hasn't been dealt with, eclipse energy , conflicts, a lower world winter solstice. Amanda is a professional astrologer who practices Evolutionary ,as well as, Shamanic Astrology. She is an advocate for Love, Truth and Sovereignty." [email protected] audio cast: (spotify) contact information: Fractal pattern meditation Earth sipping technique Signup to receive info on all Free Ceremonies, courses and events with Sarita Sol online or at SolHenge: Become a Patron and enjoy benefits such as Q and A sessions, community guided meditations, free downloads and much more, plus you can help me assist those in need to receive free classes, healings and retreats. For online Virtual Meditation Classes, Manifesting and Healing Retreats, Personal Mentoring, Distant Quantum and Shamanic Healing with Sarita email: [email protected] or go to [email protected]_SolHenge For MP3s of courses and guided meditations to download go to: How can we navigate our lives to ascend in our awareness? My name is Sarita and I am trained in the ancient Shamanic teachings of The Lyceum. This channel will help you to transcend the ordinary and realize the truth of who you are as quantum, vibrational being moving into 5D consciousness. I believe everyone has the potential to have extraordinary, wonderful and uplifting, heart aligned lives if we can understand that we are all part of source consciousness and are creating our realities in every now moment. We have the capacity to become entirely present and manifest from the quantum field of infinite potential through the zero point






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December 2nd 2021  

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