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The Oracle of Pythia | How do we perceive reality ?

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#oracle #shamanism #ascension This month we ask the earth Serpent 'How do we perceive reality?' Now is our time of transition, individually and collectively, within the liminal space of ‘becoming'. We, as Pythia, come together to offer wisdom teachings from the earth serpent herself; Python. Our wish is that these woven utterings will assist you on your unfolding journey as we work together to co-create a world born of our deepest most loving visions. Each of us has been trained in the ancient oracular art of Seership and as we bring forth information from deep within the earth, the invitation is to allow the collective weave of our ‘seeing’ to meld with your being in whatever way serves you best, in this moment, in this space, in this time. We recommend you listen with your eyes closed or covered and that - for added potency - you breathe the weave into every cell of your body as we speak it. Each month we will bring a new question to Python and if you have a question you would like answered please feel free to send it to us: [email protected] or; [email protected] Interesting Greek info: In Ancient Greece, Pythia is the High Priestess and Oracle of Delphi residing in the Temple of Apollo with a sacred stone, the Omphalos. Covered in a protective weave and hollow inside, the Omphalos stands as the centre of power, a womb haven for healing, replenishment and revelation. It is also the mystical dwelling place of Python herself and the sacred cave into which Pythia descends in order to commune with the great serpent. Pre patriarchy Pythia is the interface between humankind and Spirit. Mistress of the liminal space, Pythia honours Earth and Spirit alike and as a potent governing force she stands on the fissure of betwixt and between bringing to light prophecies and wisdoms from the depths of the Pythonic realms. Emma Smart - Shamanic Healer, Teacher and Practitioner; Specialising in Women's ancient healing and sexual energy praxi






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