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Why Exiled ?

  - 2:20

Ever ask; Why did USA, England and her allies join the Communists to destroy Christian Germany? Why did 109 countries exile Jews? Valid questions, no one will answer honestly. History's a lie and repeating itself. There’s only been one “Architect”. Two-part series "THE ARCHITECT", banned by RUMBLE, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE. PART-1 ➡️ PART-2 ➡️ PART-1 ➡️ PART-2 ➡️ The Old Testament and the Jewish Torah are carbon copies of each other. Christianity and Islam, originate from Abrahamic, Kabbalah/Jew text. Jews wrote both the Bible & Quran. The intention "grift", was to destroy all Pagan beliefs (irradicate idol worship) and corral the useful idiots into an easily manipulated corner. Only to ultimately instigate World Wars so that Christians and Muslims would weaken from destroying one another. Thus, leaving the Khazar/Jews to rule over the ashes. Then and only then will their Mashiach return and place them on the throne. This is what they believe and strive for, every day. Clearly it worked and is working, because that’s where we’re headed. They came close 90-years ago. Khazar/Jews play three-dimensional chess, while the Goyim play tiddlywinks. This is their “mission and purpose” above all else. It’s ingrained and taught from birth. They are extremely powerful now and in control of all Western and European governments. De-population, Wars and any other means will be used to weaken the West, including collapsing economies through Banking systems. No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. Just paying very close attention.






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