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Retired Slovenian Nurse Says 1 Third of Population Getting "Vaccine" Placebo - Aug 2021

  - 1:53

Why are some getting no side effects and others are getting side effects such as DEATH ? After all the vaccinated are part of a medical trial and every medical trial ever conducted needs a placebo. All vaccines whether placebo or not contain nanotechnology, so the vaccinated will die either way. It's like Russian Roulette ... If you got Lucky on the last Booster, they will get you with the next one, and of course, all the "special" people will receive only the Placebo... Notice How the British MP says that those who receive the Placebo will be considered "Fully Vaccinated" ... WOW !!! ... Insanity !!! It's All Total Bullshit Insanity !!! Bitchute: Gab: Web: Originally uploaded to by The White Rose Ireland






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December 2nd 2021  

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Barbarossa 296

- half a year ago  

Arrogance, ignorance, and stupidity are traits held in abundance by our cultural Marxist/Globalist (rebranded Communist) elites. Right now, they’re culling the flock of cowardly terminally stupid “sheeple” by “vaccine”. These are the very same people that obey them and support them. Without these people, our elites are powerless. In the not too distant future, they shall have reduced their support to the point that they can no longer continue their genocide. Without that support, we can find every single one of them and relieve them of their fortunes and their lives. RESIST, ENDURE, and PREPARE.