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You will own nothing and be happy

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Uploaded 2 years ago  

November 18th 2020  

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Category: Politics


David Benzollini

- 2 years ago  

Do you have anymore economic forum adds? Im trying to redpill someone. My friend is from Alberta and he is asking me alot of questions about this.


- 2 years ago  

Why would you want such a dystopian future? 1. Personal property/ privacy is what helps us keep and express our individuality. Plus, I don't about you, I don't like wearing rented clothes, or training/feeding someone elses dog. 2. Would you rather China or Russia as the global leaders? They're both known for how well they treat there citizens 🤣 3. This one is good. 4. Meat is good for us and cattle are a part of the natural cycle. Would you call for the death of cariboo, moose, deer, or any other ungulate (mammals with hooves)? 5. Yes the climate will change and we need to prepare for it, not try to control it. We also need to stop having lots of kids globally (western countries understand this but have gone overboard leading to not having enough kids to replace their parents, but people in poor countries still have many kids) living so long, especially once the only thing keeping us alive is pills and machines (most people after 70-80). 6. Pollution is bad, however, C02 is plant food and the world has gotten greener over the last 20 years. 7. Good luck, and hopefully the first people to undertake a suicide mission to Mars are remembered for their sacrifice. Hopefully our planets brightest minds aren't the first to go. 8. Checks and balances that the "Democratic" party do everything in their power to go around or use under false pretenses (I.e. using the Steele dossier, a paid-for fraudulent document used as an excuse to spy on a presidential candidate.) Cheer up tho, I'm sure a company designed to increase their beneficiaries bank accounts really care about where your next meal is coming from, or what state we're going to leave our crumbling infrastructure in for future generations.


- 2 years ago  

We must unite worldwide against the globalist psychopaths who seek to decimate and enslave humanity.


- 2 years ago  

When I read your comment I pictured a robot.