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America is not the sum of its downfalls and shortcomings…it’s the spirit of t...

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October 4th 2021  

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Barbarossa 296

- 3 years ago  

The Anglo-American Empire, the United States of America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is now the Land of the Slave and the Home of the Coward! The degenerate Americans, bereft of their ancestors’ virtues, have allowed, even welcomed, their own demise. Their government, now thoroughly corrupt, is easily purchased by domestic and foreign powers. The checks and balances created by the Founding Fathers failed long ago. The Executive Branch writes its own laws and refuses to enforce those laws passed by the Legislature that it dislikes. It even ignores rulings by the courts that displease it. The Judicial Branch interprets law to give it meanings that the authors never intended. The Legislative Branch is reduced to passing bloated budgets, non-binding resolutions, and laws that do exactly the opposite of what they claim to do. Representatives represent any and everyone except their own citizens. The degenerate Americans ignore the Founding Fathers’ advice and warnings. No entangling alliances warned the Founding Fathers – yet NATO, founded in need but maintained in pride long after that need ended, consumes our honor, our lives, and our treasure while distracting from far more pressing needs at home. Keep no standing army warned the Founding Fathers – today our military numbers in the millions to maintain an empire and to oppress our citizens (just as our Founding Fathers feared). Maintain eternal vigilance advised the Founding Fathers – yet our citizens abdicated their indispensable role in government so long ago that they don’t even remember what that role was. In fact, most Americans are so ignorant of their own history that they believe fantasies and fictions that their ancestors would have laughed at. Freaks and perverts who were once relegated to circuses, mental institutions, and prisons now command admiration, power, and respect among the degenerate Americans. Their “men” are raised by Feminists and Marxist media, and educated in Marxist schools to hate themselves and everything masculine. “Conflict resolution” has replaced victory and right and wrong have been replaced by “tolerance”. Men’s roles as protector and provider have been ceded to the government. One cannot promote feminine men and masculine women and still produce masculine men. No wonder that our “Patriots” hesitate to act. And as the traitors to America continue to acquire and consolidate ever more power, the so called “Patriots” refuse to use what rapidly dwindling power that they still have to curb and eliminate the threat. Instead, they wait patiently and appeal to authority that has either long been void of power or that is already in the hands of their enemies. While the hopium addicts are waiting for imaginary judicial or political solutions to the successful cultural Marxist/Globalist political coup, the Biden/Harris regime has successfully purged Federal law enforcement and is currently purging the U.S. military of oath keepers, Trump supporters, and anyone else whom might not be “woke” enough to kill American citizens on American soil. A classic Communist take-over occurs before these “Patriots’” very eyes and they are blind to it. Ignoring the decades-long legacy of unenforced laws, these “Patriots” seem to think that suddenly these laws shall be enforced and that somehow someway Trump shall be reinstalled as President! Didn’t they hear that Trump himself declared that in no way does he seek to overturn the last election ( In the same breath that they declare the 2020 election “stolen” these hopium addicts declare that they’ll win in 2022 and 2024! And so the power of the “Patriots” evaporates away. Don’t look to God for America’s salvation either. After so many blessings, America has forsaken God and He has returned the favor. All but a very few pastors, priests, and congregations have put man’s law far above God’s law. His church has become Laodicean and He spits it out! The innocent blood of tens of millions of murdered mutilated unborn children cry out for vengeance – vengeance is the Lord’s. American “Christians” are cowards and Satan rules America’s rulers. America’s judgment is at hand – as a country it is damned! Seek only your own personal salvation from God. Pray that He has mercy on your soul. So says Yahveh Sabaoth. So it is. It is done.