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How to Interface a Stock Teddy Ruxpin to Bluetooth Non-Destructively

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Do to between sheer boredom of the Covid 19 lockdowns and the end of fulfilling a simple lifelong dream since childhood. I found a ridiculously easy method of interfacing a stock 1980’s Worlds of Wonder Teddy Ruxpin to arbitrarily animate with virtually any sort of respective device over Bluetooth. I’m particularly proud of it’s simplicity in principle because I’ve been tinkering with this toy since single digits of age and learned how to program tapes from scratch and have stripped the hardware of many other instances of the toy to interface with laptop or desktop computers to attempt similar ends with less desirable results. I think ground loop interference may have contributed to some of my previous difficulties to achieving this particular end with hardwired methods. I’m very pleased that this particular end doesn’t require any sort of irreparable permanent modifications to a stock World’s of Wonder Teddy Ruxpin or otherwise similar toy, and the hardware otherwise necessary to pull it off, generally runs under 30 dollars USD. I know there aren’t terribly many folk with working Worlds of Wonder toys of any vintage. However, I know there’s a small community of modders and an entirely separate small community of collectors and I think this is a generally important development worth sharing to both communities. This is demonstrating that old-school Teddy Ruxpin can be interfaced with modern tech and AI without any particularly tech-savvy permanent modifications to it’s original design. This methodology allows it to interface with most audio/video or AI apps available on smart phones, imaginable. Including taking phone calls through the Teddy Ruxpin and having the caller or call recipient animate arbitrarily and accordingly through the animatronics. The only important mentionable caveat being that I highly recommend that you avoid playing raucous music through it as that sort of audio is particularly taxing on the servos and doesn’t necessarily animate appropriately.






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December 7th 2020  

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