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Sociopath Weather Controllers Use Weather Modification to Jump Start New Vortex

  - 13:30

1PacificRedwood (Wed.) In this part 2 video we see another blatant example of how a satellite based laser or microwave transmitter targets a weather system by superheating its watervapor, creating clockwise turbulent flow adjacent to the existing low pressure vortex which jump starts a new counterclockwise spinning low pressure system. The long narrow band of installed high pressure separating the warm tropical flow pattern from the cold North Pacific weather systems is deliberately allowed to break down. The satellite transmitter's power is pulled off and we then see the low pressure vortex draw in the nearby tropical moisture field; violent thunderstorm development begins immediately along with high winds. Notice that up until the point that the new vortex was formed, that installed narrow band of high pressure didn't allow the North Pacific system's vortex to pull any moisture from the warm Pineapple Express flow. Once tge satellite's power is reduced we see immediate intermixing of the two air masses. It is no chance occurrence that in one week we see TWO instances of blatant weather manipulation with the specific intent to cause violent thunderstorms and tornadoes in DECEMBER. It is highly unusual that were seeing tornadoes in the Midwest in December but we know why and we know how its being done. We'd like to hear from everybody in Southern Colorado especially, as well as Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota! Slam this video onto your social media accounts ASAP. Thanks.






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December 16th 2021  

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- a year ago  

I agree, I saw these computer recordings do the same thing with the Wildfires in CA. I knew they were causing destruction and subsequent death.