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A Complete Loss of Confidence in All World Governments

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Uploaded a year ago  

June 24th 2021  

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- a year ago  

The communist deconstructionist movement has been going on for decades, once they hit bottom by design, the Global dictatorship will show its bloody iron teeth.


- a year ago  

This supposed vaccine is a destroyer of you innate immunity it gets deep inside you and will cause complete chaos when you get hit with another virus other than covid19 there are 37 different types of corona virus it tricks your system which worked the way mother nature built it for you this MRNA is a soft kill


- a year ago  

The satanists long game is coming to fruistion.


- a year ago  

As for the so called vaccine; in which it isn't, is telling me it's all a genome experiment they're investigating. Some people are being given a saline shot while others are given the real mRNA manipulator. This way no one can say it's this vaccine causing it or that vaccine i.e. Moderna or Pfizer, pretty slick isn't it ? Johnson & Johnson, the one shot vaccine is doing the same thing especially with government workers. All of them know that years later down the road, probably all of the vaccinated will be dead, but the evidence will be in the autopsies that will not be recorded for public information. This information will be specifically delivered to the Laboratory (s) for evaluation and for future experiments. This is why Fauci said you'll have to come in for booster shots.

I listen to the sirens wail. Hoping evil will not prevail. Hearing neighbors Scream and yell. This life I live, a form of Hell. Disfunction is the way of life. Division causing hate and strife. Tyranny cracked the Liberty Bell. Millions of souls up for sale. Programmed minds, Design the curriculum. The abstract lines, we find in the addendum. Human kind in line with mass hysteria. AIDS, Covid, Ebola and Malaria. I don't know what's scarier. The Plague or the Vampires. How many people buried in the muck and the mire. When the power goes out, I hope you can start a fire. I hope you don't turn into a a killer up for hire. When the system collapses, and it will. Prepare for your last meal. You think you pay them taxes so you can live in peace? Get Real! Assembling corporate entities, corporate soldiers for the war. The empty words they use to confuse the simple common core. Pandemonium will strike like a Hammer on an Anvil. The anthem of the Fourth Rychë, In God We Must Kill. I listen to the Tyrants fail... To justify this Global jail. Heavy Metal in the hail. Nevermind the toxic smell. The razors edge, the hunters knife. The baby's bed, The Reaper's Scythe. Fear is the drug that Sorcerer's sell. Mirror the image, You just can't tell. Choke on the rind from the swine and their idioms. Words that confine and bind true freedom. A sign of the times, another Viral carrier. Another chalk line in another Urban Area. Another police tape barrier. Destruction is hardwired. They never seem to get there till another life expires. When the Tower gives out, and the situations dire. I hope you don't get caught under the bricks of angst and ire. When they avoid all the facts, and they will. Can't tell faux from real. An android with an apple in the window. An age old plan fulfilled. Exterminating corporate enemies, There's Brown Shirts at your door. Removing God from their society, They'll kill more than they did before. Pandemonium will strike like a Hammer on an Anvil. The Anthem of the Fourth Rychë, In God We Must Kill. The Sanctimonius fight. So much heathen blood to spill. The Anti-Christ will spike, the mutating vaccine pill. Give Elon, Bill and Mark 'a like', When you're ready to make a deal. The Anthem of the Fourth Rychë, In God We Must Kill. Written by: Michael Taylor June 18th. 2021 ©


- a year ago  

Right, when I saw Spain was holding McAfee for Ransom and Homeland Security paid it, I knew he was going to be dead in a heartbeat. You know the government is evil and they're doing it with our wealth.