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modern day knight of the templar

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September 19th 2021  

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- 3 months ago  

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- half a year ago  

When you realize you are the weapon, nothing can stand in your way! That's where there is no fear, anger or despair, just conviction! We can't concern ourselves with outcome because that's a cowards game. Not standing when it's time, is the only fear you have!


- half a year ago  

..youAreRight, Asedigive!!--veryVeryRight: toACT On[Deep,Clear]ConViction.. asOpposed to toFEAR/'ConcernsOf'Etc DanB,1nov21RO


- half a year ago  

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- half a year ago  

They took their guns away. Never make that mistake America. And look how brave these men are, real men, fighting to protect their lives & family.. against total deceit & corruption. I AM with you, in Spirit & Reality. Prayers, & Be Brave & True All the Way There


- half a year ago  

The thunder down under


- half a year ago  

If people don't start protesting with weapons they have no chance it's time to fight f*** waiting they can't arrest a thousand people


- 4 months ago  

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- a year ago  

that pissed of SOB should be the new symbol for Australian dissent. crowds protesting the lockdown should simultaneously chant Ac/Dcs "thunderstruck"....ahhh, ahhh, aww, aww uh! THUNDER" ....and then bring it!!!


- a year ago  

See those arrogant, swaggering, constables who are going against their sworn oaths .... crumple like the paper tigers and cowards they are. Take heart from these good people taking the fight to the enemy ... and let us all do likewise. Take these scum down hard as the war enters a new phase. They have unleashed a bio weapon upon us all but the psychopaths and their lackeys will not stand. We have the good, truth and justice on our side. Take them down wherever and whenever you find them for they will show you and your children no mercy whatsoever.


- a year ago  

Get the tyranny up higher so you can really bust their heads ! No blood, no gain.


- a year ago  

Fucking Great..,it is coming fellow warriors!!!


- a year ago  

Heard him called the Australian Rambo

Hahaha. Fukk Yeah! That's just a taste of what's coming you TREASONISTS/Fascists/N.W.O. War Pigs 🧨💥💯🔥

Dragon Slayer Intel

- a year ago  

Pow, right in the kisser..