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Tony HellerPLUS

Shameless Fraud From Government Scientists

  - 4:39

When Democrats say they "listen to the scientists" - what they mean is that they have corrupted a group of scientists who are willing to push the Democrat's agenda.






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- 3 days ago  

"unusually high" is not measurable or reproducible.


- a week ago  

Let”s assume NOAA is manipulating the data and that, in more recent years, the USA has cooled. Why? It appears that the Arctic is warming, as confirmed from numerous sources ( ice extent/ air temperatures) Why? According to the Met office, CET records show an undeniable upward temperature trend for the UK. Why? A suggestion could be that the North Atlantic has warmed, cyclical or anthropogenically? This, due to circulation currents, has warmed the Uk ( which may be part promoted by urbanisation) and the Arctic. In turn, this warming, especially during the Summer, is causing cool air to be displaced further south. Hence the USA experiencing cooler temperatures. The point I’m making Tony, is that you need to start looking at the bigger picture . I agree with 90% of what you say but by not looking at the causes and linking these up, I think your limiting the impact of a lot of you have got to say, which does make sense. I enjoy your perspective and value the use of historical journalism.

Otway Ranges Victoria

- a week ago  

Australian Bureau of Meteorology have put out a fraudulent hit peace called 'the State of the climate' they are telling left wing ABC that the climate here is in a bad state and will get hotter and the south east, the cold part where I am will dry out and get warm, specially in winter


- a week ago  

I also processed these historical NOAA data! As you know they provide two versions, the original data as read off and documented at the time and the "adjusted" data! This resent "adjusted" of the historical data is definitely a "hoax"! Some rather ridiculus justifications are used as pretext for these "adjustments"!


- a week ago  

Tony the problem with your graphs is that you are using actual station data. If you had used their fantasy station data the graphs would of been the same.


- a week ago  

This is just another tool being used implement the great reset that will destroy the world economy and kill hundreds of millions of people to reach their population quota and it is probably too late to stop it!


- a week ago  

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the offending plot merely compare the hottest day in the month with the average for the month? The fraud does not lie in the manipulation of the data, but in giving the impression that it means something it doesn't. As the planet refuses to warm up and, outside the models, refuses to show any correlation of temperature with CO2 concentration, perhaps they are scraping the bottom of the barrel by claiming that fluctuations in the short term are becoming more extreme. Any bets that that will be the next shock/horror headline?


- a week ago  

Mostly fraudulent climate change


- 2 weeks ago  

I suspect that the data manipulators are watching Tony's videos to check on which data sets they've missed. Expect them to change soon. Meanwhile, download copies of the data sets before they are changed and make several copies to preserve them.

Gilfort the great

- a week ago  

I agree! They will adapt the data to meet the narrative....


- 2 weeks ago  

Thanks for calling out the brainwashers Tony.


- 2 weeks ago  

After all - the fraudsters on climate change issues, will ignore facts, even when they understand they are stripped by sane arguments. Ideology overrules reality, truth and sane arguments. They will never care about the truth - That's reality.

Dragon Slayer Intel

- 2 weeks ago  

Fraud is the norm. And lies too. Unless we are talking about regular people, like us. Those who seek powerful positions, many times are the least trustworthy and easily corrupted even further..


- 2 weeks ago  

Keep up the good work. Are you still posting to YouTube


- 2 weeks ago  

Just the facts, man, just the facts.

Layman Talks

- 2 weeks ago  

It's so simple.......Only a Fool or Fraudster could dismiss it.