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Tony HellerPLUS

"Colorado Climate Scientists Say"

  - 5:21

Experts say that the normal climate of Colorado is evidence of climate change.






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- a month ago  

Somebody please draw a cartoon where you see a climate scientist or climate journalist who reports record high temperatures and the end of winter forever, while he or she wears winter clothes which are covered with snow that is visibly falling at the moment of the report.


- a month ago  

Anyone here following Tony on the Real Climate Science website? I have not been able to view comments for over two weeks. Anyone else having this happen?


- a month ago  

The information age has completely devolved into the misinformation age...discernment is dead and dissent is creeped up slowly but is on full unabashed display now. This election is a crossroads like no other.

Layman Talks

- a month ago  

I've been listening to a variety of live chats pertaining to the climate delusion and current election circus. Same old, however...My Lord are they lost souls. I even got put on "time out" for not being "civil"...These fools were talking nonchalant, about how they were going to control the fabric of individual lives, with an attempt to give it a name..I suggested Communism and pointed out how the virtue signaling vegan diet of one participant was utter insanity as her diet heavily relied upon Oil,Gas and Coal...It's literally a hot air circle jerk of nonsense. Verified Facts and logic need not apply...I observed Harvard Level Collage debate teams on the subject matter...Wow. Indoctrination galore! Somehow "gender" is related to climate, and woman are mostly effected by climate change. They essentially kept referring to 'climate realist' regaining control as "subversion" to their democracy. Yet America is a Constitutional Republic... #ModernDarkAge